Integrated/effective critical care for patients in operating and intensive care depts. By use of innovative technologies

The objectives are to improve the effectiveness and the
quality, by researching the possibilities of innovative
patient data acquisition, processing and management, within
and through the departments. (Follow-up to feasibility).

This research project is a follow-up to the feasibility project "EU 51" with the emphasis on integrated work-environment for operating and intensive care environments. The objective of this project is to investigate the possibilities for improving the overall effectiveness and quality of healthcare in the mentioned departments. Moreover, a reduction in healthcare costs should be possible. Medical therapy is becoming more complex in the critical care environment. The medical and clinical personnel are asking for help in this situation. Besides this, the quantity of patient and patient management data is increasing dramatically. The generated data should be directly available on different sites and useful for different professional users. The differences in medical practices in European countries increase the complexity within the project. By using innovative technologies and an integral approach, it should be possible to develop new working methods and tools to improve working conditions for medical staff. It is essential that the investigations be directed by the requirements of the potential users. In the first phase of the project (A) the requirements of the customers are specified; the definition of the system requirements is ongoing. In phase (B) of the project a basic system platform will be designed for the critical care environment. The new approach used is that patient treatment is considered as a process; the patient will be followed through the different departments during the various treatments. Integrated monitoring and treatment functions will be designed in this phase. New working methods and integration of vital signs and other signals will be performed to reducing the alarms of ventilators, monitors and liquid management systems. A transferable patient record/dossier will be defined. Optimal workplaces will be created with different instruments such as monitoring devices, ventilators, liquid management systems, etc., developed by the partners or devices adapted from other firms. In phase (C) (the extended system), emphasis will be on the development of an integrated data management system. Information and data management technology will be used to improve working methods for gas devices; liquid management systems and monitoring devices. Other subjects of the development are workplace management, patient application management, intravenous management, liquid management, presentation management and alarm management. Communication, human interface generation, basic Real-Time systems design and decision support systems are also included to reach the goals. Clinical evaluation and validation will be a major part of the work in this phase. The expected results will be: * Optimal ergonomic and evaluated work environment for the critical care environment * Easy human interface of the system, with relevant data presentation and short learning-in period * New (pre-) warning and alarm system for the integrated system; using decision support technologies and classification methods * A system with separate Real-Time data presentation oriented to the organs and the different medical specialties * Intelligent Transport Management System * Measurement of the depth of anaesthesia and controlled anaesthesia delivery * Intelligent Liquid management system with drug prescription methods * Human Interface generators; Real-Time basic systems and optimal networking; * New transferable record/dossier methods * New medical working methods. Optimal cooperation is essential to reach the goals of the project.
IPC-2000 (IMP)
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28 900 000.00€
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