Eau claire system

Aquatic environment improvement under economically
acceptable conditions through integrated technical/organic
approach for treatment of rest-streams from industrial
activities as an additional facility to treatment at source

The basic principle of the EAU CLAIRE project is the improvement of the aquatic environment under economic acceptable conditions, by making use of: - Integrated Technological Systems in those areas where population and industry are clustered in the vicinity of waterbasins such as rivers, lakes and seas. - The integration of technological systems for the treatment of rest-streams will be achieved by bringing together separate process technologies, which up until now have been scarce and/or matter specific. - the economy of scale principle for the total treatment. This will contribute considerably to the economically acceptable/feasible average treatment price. The measures resulting from these basic principles are of course additional and parallel to the many measures already in existence. The total system approach as well as the use of integrated technology, both require the application of existing and to be developed technological/scientific know- how, which needs a model approach to identify all the effects of the aspects above, mostly in quantitative terms. The above means that the treatment of matter, which has been contaminated as a result of presently permissible discharges, such as underwater bottoms, sewage sludge, polluted soil and surface water, will within the framework of this project be only marginally considered, since pollution in these respects can be avoided by the introduction of the EAU CLAIRE concept.
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95 960 000.00€
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