Production line for energy efficient evaporator

In the proposed project the production line for an energy efficient evaporator will be developed and tested. The new type of evaporator which will be manufactured on this line will be 25% cheaper and more energy efficient. It will use 20% less energy to produce the same results as existing ones.

The main aim of the proposed project is to develop, test and transfer production line for the new type of evaporator, which will be energy efficient using around 20% less energy to generate the same cooling effects as existing evaporators. Using new approach to the manufacturing process new evaporator will be cheaper, high quality and easy to use at assembly lines in production lines for manufacturing of refrigerators and freezers. In the definition phase of the project the needs of different manufacturers of household appliances will be collected and analysed. Using these data and experience which partners have in development and producing the manufacturing lines for producing cooling device's components the conceptualisation of new type of evaporator will be developed. Different forms of evaporators will be discussed and analysed. The possible materials for manufacturing elements of evaporator will be discussed analysed and selected. Special attention will be paid to the system of joining of individual elements which will provide excellent transfer of energy between elements and simple and high quality welding on assembly lines. In the implementation phase of project the several possible version of evaporators which will satisfy users' requirement will be developed and thoroughly tested. The best solution will be selected, improved, prototypes will be tested at GORENJE VALJEVO D.D., household appliances factory located at Valjevo. After testing at GORENJE VALJEVO, the evaporator will be improved and the production line for manufacturing will be constructed, assembled and tested. The zeroth -series will be produced and tested. Necessary improvements will be made. Technical and user documentation will be prepared. The marketing activities will start in the early stage of the project. For monitoring of the project progress steering committee will be constituted, which will provide realisation of project on time and on budget. For intensive communication between partners, the project web site will be developed and used. As a tool for project controlling, the MS project will be used.
Project ID: 
5 342
Start date: 
Project Duration: 
Project costs: 
600 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Process optimisation, waste heat utilisation
Market Area: 
Energy management

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