Development of medical devices for cavitation treatments of different medical indications

The purpose of this project is the study, the interpretation and the utilisation of the effects of migration that an ultrasound field produces in inclusions of micro and nano bubbles, with therapeutic purpose in different medicine fields.

Acoustic cavitation occurs whenever a liquid is subjected to sufficiently intense sound or ultrasound (frequencies of 20 kHz up to 10 MHz). When the ultrasound passes through a liquid, it consists of expansion waves (negative - pressure) and compression waves (positive - pressure). If the intensity of the sound field is high enough, it can cause the formation, growth, and rapid recompressing of vapour bubbles in the liquid. The implosive bubble collapse generates localized heating, a pressure pulse and associated high - energy chemistry. The purpose of this project is the study, the interpretation and the utilization of the effects of migration that an ultrasound field produces in inclusions of micro and nano bubbles, with therapeutic purpose. Therefore, skills are involved, and we can identify specific objectives of the research both in the field of physical phenomena underlying the biomechanical process and in the treatment of specific diseases. So, the collateral objective of this project is to realise a synergy between the diverse skills of physicists, engineers, biologists and doctors towards an applicative result with social impact and, in the long term, towards future projects of research and productive initiatives. In the physical field, we want to obtain a better understanding of the acoustic cavitation phenomena, mainly for what concerns the threshold parameters: frequency and power, the balance of bubbles and gas filling, in terms of therapeutic use. We want to obtain local action of the effect through proper conformation of the acoustical field, making the choice and optimization of commercial electro-mechanical transducers. In the physic - chemical field we want to achieve the objective of producing bubbles with micro metrical dimensions having oxygen like gas filling with the purpose to oxygenise the biological tissues and this way improving efficiency of the therapy. The acoustic cavitation of nano bubbles will be the innovative argumentation and specific study, collateral for the project here mentioned. We will use a patented ultrasonic transducer to deliver controlled focused ultrasound (in regular conditions and in the water) at a precise depth within the subcutaneous tissue, to target only adipose tissue, leaving surrounding structures such as skin, blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue intact. Releasing oxygen by quantity following the acoustic field parameters is the innovative argumentation of the specific literature. One objective of the big application interest is the quantification of scattering of micro bubbles and sub-micro bubbles depending on the temperature, in this case there is a possibility to use the effect for non-invasive treatments of different medical indications. Thanks to our collaborators, researchers and technicians that have contributed to the development of this project, we believe that this phenomenon could be successfully used in the creation of numerous new medical and cosmetic treatments. Healthcare is one of the primary society needs, and it is one of the highest priorities of the European Commission for involving people actively in society by minimising their health problems in the working place or elsewhere in their daily life activities. Healthcare is also a technology trend that has seen a rapid business expansion in the last years. For medical or wellness therapy in the market a new generation of products or other electronic devices are coming with a primary goal being to assist people or medical personnel with useful non-invasive therapies. Research-intensive small and medium-sized enterprises. SMEs are the main economic drivers of healthcare, biotechnology and medical technologies. High-tech SMEs in the health and biotechnology sectors are expected to play a prominent role in this kind of R&D project by developing new approaches, treatments, methods, services, technologies and equipment. The aimed research and development in the CAVITE project goes in that direction - the cavitation phenomena in the field of medicine, especially the method applied in water and other media will provide new knowledge and new solutions for treatments of numerous medical indications. The main aim of the CAVITE project is to provide better medical treatments to society, consequently, ensuring a better standard of living. The CAVITE project will through development of medical cavitation systems provide: (1) decalcification of arthritic changes in the joints; (2) regeneration of cartilaginous and bone tissue; (3) treatment of changes brought on by osteoporosis and (4) regeneration of dermal and sub-dermal skin tissue. The cavitation medical systems will represent an innovation, because in comparison to existing treatments it will be non-invasive, non-chemical, more efficient due to innovative technology and finally, due to its cost acceptance more available to all citizens.
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5 345
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1 290 000.00€
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Medical devices technology (instrumentation, medical imaging, radiology)
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Other therapeutic (including defibrillators)

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