Educa human resources feedback tool for employees, organisational scanning and further organisational improvement

To develop and implement a new, professionally unique human resources (hr) software tool that helps effectively manage people, process & strategy while implementing hr best practices. The tool is both informational, educational and able to conduct more complex hr processes.

The aim of this project is to develop and implement a new, professionally unique Human Resources (HR) software tool that is both informational (collects and processes qualitative and quantitative information), educational (instructs how to give effective and constructive feedback), and is able to conduct complex HR processes (gathering information through interactional processes, setting goals and strategies). The main partner of this project (already participated in one EUREKA project - LexInfo E!3865), HORIZONT INTERNACIONAL has conducted a needs analysis within companies in CROATIA that use HRnet software. Generally it has been shown that the software is being used in big organisations for administrative help. Users indicate that they are not satisfied with the ability to conduct more complex HR activities (feedback assessment and interactive educational processes). Foreign software (e.g. Halogen, KRONOS, eHRM) offers more complex options, but they also neglect the educational and interactive parts. The process is highly educational, providing useful tips that help the user to give and interpret data, to set and accomplish given and defined goals. In time the system will be able to evaluate improvements in earlier defined segments of work. Gallup research indicates that employees are more likely to believe they are compensated fairly when their manager gives them regular performance review and also stay with the company longer and are twice as likely to tell others that their company is a great place to work. The idea for this project is based on HORIZONT's experience working on the issue of providing soft-skills educations and HR activities (business selection, satisfaction surveys, etc.), consulting activities and coaching for hundreds of organisations in the Balkan region. The added value of this project is concentrated in the three following segments and fields: 1. IT System which assures: data entry, storing, making graphs and reports, quick detection of possible problems (parameters), and an educational part (written, spoken tips, video clips) that help participants to form positive and concrete feedback preventing negative effects, as for instance insulting the person being evaluated. 2. Content: high quality professional psychological test specially developed and adjusted for this process, the questionnaires of organisational culture and climate and feedback questionnaire in one place as well as a system which can in a short time collect and process information, at the same time interactively educating participants and gathering from them concrete and constructive information about the organisation. The system also includes useful specific expert tips and suggestions for defining and achieving developmental individual and group goals. 3. Commercial segment: this project will bring added value to the market through: faster collection of concrete and therefore more useful information about the organisation, an educational tool that will help people practice communication skills, controlled learning for numerous people, promoting open communication resulting in a higher level of job satisfaction and productivity, and raising awareness on open and constructive communication in society. All this forms a continuous process of professional development. The project will be divided into three high level phases: 1) THE PROJECT PREPARATION PHASE - definition of the project partnership and activities; 2) THE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PHASE - software design: functional specification, programming, module and system testing, quality assurance and user acceptance testing; development of high quality questionnaires and instructions according to rules of good communication, market research activities, development of the advertisement plan as well as the protection of intellectual property; 3) THE MARKET PENETRATION (IMPLEMENTATION) PHASE- will include further advertising activities necessary for establishment of the product (brand) recognition, appropriate selling channels (Internet selling included) and market positioning; it will also include further development and necessary updates of the software product. Partners on the project represent a key factor for successful implementation and transfer of the technology to the commercial market. HORIZONT INTERNACIONAL will be responsible for the management of the project and with Slovenian partner O. K. CONSULTING will be responsible for the professional development and implementation of the content (taking part in development of the questionnaires, tips and suggestions, tests, coordination of the process parts), marketing activities (analysis of potential clients, analysis of competitors and SWOT analysis) and development of appropriate pricing model(s) for the markets analysed. The DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY, UNIVERSITY OF RIJEKA will develop tests and test reports. Slovenian IT partner B2 will develop software support for the whole system.
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5 349
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600 000.00€
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Knowledge Management, Process Management
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Other services (not elsewhere classified)

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