High quality aluminum offset plates for ink jet ctp system

Developing metal offset plates for conventional printing presses designed for ink jet ctp (computer to plate) imaging using off the shelf ink jet printers. The plates pre-press preparations are process-less, chemistry-free and daylight, mid-high quality printing - 175lpi stochastic, 20,000 copies.

The proposed project will lead to a new type of high print quality look 175 LPI resolution, offset plate which will contribute significantly to the small mid offset workshops to achieve the essential goal of reducing the make ready costs, and offering a real process-less, chemical free and green solution to the offset printing industry. Environmental protection is an important aspect that has played a key role in the printing industry during the last years. The proposed offset plate will be imaged by a water based inkjet and requires no chemistry for its post image processing. The Hydrophilic layer of the plate works with a fountain solution free of alcohol, thus contributing specifically to the printing industry alcohol phase out efforts and reducing the CO2 as well as the VOC impact in general. Within the project framework the inkjet CTP concept, the system components, the adhesion primer, the functional Hydrophilic formulation and the manufacturing processes (coating, drying & handling) will be developed to achieve high resolution offset plates that will allow the small medium offset press owners to achieve the mid-high quality printing jobs required by the market at affordable costs. The plate will be imaged by a standard non modified inkjet printer, with the standard pigment water-based inkjet ink. This package of plate/inkjet printer/inkjet ink, wherein the inkjet printer and ink are the industry standard for proofing, provides a new solution to the small mid size offset workshops. The open architecture concept proposed in this project will allow maximum flexibility, and many inkjet printer models could be used for plate imaging. In addition the proposed concept goes well with the envisaged progress of the inkjet manufacturers’ development programs for higher resolution and faster inkjet printers. This solution is a fully integrated workflow, from web2print (web to print) soft proof on the inkjet printer, through the RIP (Raster Image Processing) of the job, separation to CMYK base colors, plate imaging (allowing good registration for full process jobs) to the offset press printing. Therefore, the proposed project will virtually develop a “CTP-less” system based on the proofer, allowing a fast turnaround, from the graphic arts department directly to the press, practically eliminating the need for a pre-press step. This is achieved because the inkjet printer that is used for proofing will also image the offset plates. One more important change in the printing industry is the web2print. The penetration of the web2print is very significant and achieved vast implementation in the Print On Demand market segment. One of the important technological factors influencing the web2print penetration is the soft proof capability. While for the Print On Demand business the soft proof is quite straightforward, the offset soft proof is much more difficult. The proposed plate, which will be imaged on the same device the proofing will be produced on, will contribute to the soft proof capability of the offset printing industry.
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5 358
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1 340 000.00€
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Printing and binding

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