An innovative intelligent electric new generation concrete-cutting saw system for horizontal surfaces

Through the introduction of multiple innovative technological developments and the integration of an innovative electric motor, this project will achieve the creation of a more cost-effective, significantly higher-performing, more environmentally friendly and ergonomic flat saw for multiple uses.

The Swedish mechanical manufacturing and development company TRACTIVE AB and the Russian Switched Reluctance (SR) technology development company KASKOD-ELECTRO will collaborate in a unique product and manufacturing process development project. The technological advances the project entails will raise the bar for the state-of-the-art of the industry to a completely new level through significant development at several stages of the project, and the introduction of entirely new technologies in combinations never seen before within the flat-saw industry. The project contains the following innovative elements that will add value to both participants’ businesses: • The development of an innovative flat-saw system, complete with a specially developed fully integrated SR-motor and SR-generator • An entirely new fully automatic production process for flat saws • A new commercially viable manufacturing process for SR-motors and SR-generators suitable for large-scale production • A flat-saw system compliant with future regulations Flat saws are used for all sorts of concrete-cutting of horizontal surfaces. There are two types of flat saws; service saws and road saws. Service saws are mainly used for smaller-scale work and maintenance work both inside of buildings and outside. Road saws are used for construction of concrete roads and maintenance of such roads. The single most important geographical market for flat saws is North America, with its around 10,000,000 kilometres of paved roads. In the USA, there are plans for extensive new roads and large-scale road maintenance, which will further increase the demand for high-performing flat saws. The vast majority of all flat saws are manufactured in the US, where, historically the fuel has been very cheap, stimulating the development of increasingly large and fuel-guzzling machines, rather than more fuel-efficient flat saws. As the economic crisis has led to a rampant increase in fuel costs, flat-saw operators are seeing their margins decrease rapidly and are hence becoming more vocal in their demands for more fuel-efficient and cost-effective machines. In addition, today's large diesel-powered flat saws do not contain any emission-controlling or safety-enhancing features, which has created increasing demands for environmental and health-and-safety related regulations to be put in place. The aim with the project is to develop an innovative, cost-reducing, environmentally friendly, safe and ergonomic flat-saw system that complies with foreseen regulatory standards, which will increase the competitiveness of end-users and thereby enable both partners to gain substantial shares of new markets. This aim will be achieved through the combination of both participants’ specific knowledge and the development of efficient and cost-effective manufacturing processes for the entire flat-saw system. This project is of great relevance to both partners due to the important revenue and development synergies that exist between TRACTIVE AB and KASKOD-ELECTRO. The mutually beneficial collaboration will lead to important market advances and crucial implementation of R&D results - developments that would not be achievable without the combination of new knowledge and expertise involved in this project. The synergy effects will enable TRACTIVE AB to gain crucial knowledge of SR-motor integration and software development, and upon the successful completion of the project the company will win a substantial share of a new market through exploitation with the help of already established sales channels, leading to significant new revenue from export sales. The market introduction of the resulting product will revolutionise the flat-saw market through ground-breaking technological advancements made possible through the application of extensive experience and expertise as well as entirely new ideas to a new area. The synergy effects also mean that KASKOD-ELECTRO is willing to invest in this R&D project in order to gain the strategic mechanical knowledge, a specially-developed manufacturing process for the SR-motor and the exposure the integration of their motor in the new generation flat saw entails, which will equip the company for and facilitate their commercial breakthrough. Both participating companies have a long history of R&D and have made considerable investments in new knowledge over the years. However, the exceptional technological height of this project will present both partners with significant technological challenges, which they will have to overcome in a joint effort, in order to successfully achieve the intended results. In order to minimise risks, only the technological challenges that can be transformed into market and revenue expansion will be targeted. In addition, the project will be executed step by step and with the help of an extensive project plan. In this way, it will be possible to continuously assess risks and answer crucial questions throughout the length of the project.
Intelligent Flat Saw
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Industrial Equipment and Machinery

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