Stone detection in crop

To find stones in crop before they enter the harvester and cause damage to the harvesting equipment

This project is about developing hardware that detects stones in crop. The objective is to warn harvesting machines before a stone enters the harvesting house and causes damage. Damage to harvesting machines during harvesting is a serious problem as time is of the essence. Often it is difficult to access the harvesting machines for repair, as they are located in remote areas away from service centres. CASE NEW HOLLAND (CNH) is a world leader in agricultural machines. The company is part of the FIAT group. CNH has looked for solutions to this stone detection problem for 3 years. INTELSCAN EHF and CNH have worked together to find a solution based on microwave technology, but it has not been successful. Following that, INTELSCAN completed a preliminary study with support from The Icelandic Research Council, to investigate the use of other wavebands and types to find stones in crop. The preliminary results were promising and were introduced to CNH. This project will take 1 year and the project cost for INTELSCAN is 102,000 euros. The project manager will be Olafur H. Josson, MSc Mechanical Engineering and managing director of INTELSCAN.
Project ID: 
5 371
Start date: 
Project Duration: 
Project costs: 
200 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Crop Production technology
Market Area: 
Other industrial equipment and machinery

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