Advanced imaging for road tunnels based on laser gated imaging (lgi) system

An eye safe gated imaging system with outstanding performance both in normal and accident conditions. The system is based on a focal plane array (fpa) synchronised to an eye safe gated laser which will provide the best live video from inside tunnels to external safety and control processing.

In this project we aim to develop an outstanding eye safe gated imaging system for road tunnel applications. The system will provide clear images for long ranges in various conditions which can occur in road tunnels (e.g. in-coming vehicles [Low\High beams], fog, smoke and soot surroundings) dependably on the tunnel ambient light. A "LGI" system for road tunnels will be composed of mainly four building blocks: 1) A gated camera-High sensitive Near Infrared (NIR) or Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) camera. 2) A gated laser-Low power illumination in the NIR or SWIR spectrum. 3) Control electronics-The logic and processing unit. 4) Opto-mechanical assemblies- required for the system components. The main technological gaps in this program are: I) Definition phase- Due to the high amount of soot and additional particles in the tunnel medium(atmosphere) we will perform measurements to optimise a new LGI system for this application. The goal is to find a NIR or SWIR spectrum for LGI best performance (Camera & Laser) with the restriction of eye safety. II) Implementation phase- developing a unique LGI system dedicated for road tunnel usage which will have an optimised wavelength, FOV (field of view), gating region and power distribution. Today "ELBIT SYSTEM" is a world leader in gated imaging at 0.8 micrometer (NIR) and is opening a new market in the 1.5 micrometer (SWIR) region (based on the development of EUREKA project- InGaAs gated Imaging). Currently the LGI technology is implemented in various applications (Night observation system dedicated for sea vessels, night vision for automotive and short range & long range surveillance systems). ELBIT shall develop the LGI dedicated system for road tunnels based on "CTP PROJEKT" and the end user (BINA-ISTRA) requirements, constraints (electro-optical and physical) and participate in the system tests in a real tunnel conditions and scenarios. "CTP PROJEKT" is a SME with expertise in tunnel engineering based on more than 10 years of experience in designing and development of tunnel technical systems and accompanying software solutions. In this project CTP PROJEKT will bring the "know-how" of tunnels: a) Defining the role of LGI technology in integral concept of fire safety in road tunnels. b) Defining system requirements and constrains for road tunnel applications. c) Test plan for LGI for tunnels. d) Test site-infrastructure. e) Mange the tests. f) Participate in evaluation of test results. ELBIT and CTP PROJEKT shall show the benefits of the developed LGI system for road tunnels as apposed to leading existing imaging technology in the market.
LGI for road tunnels
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5 385
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Project costs: 
1 510 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Imaging, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition
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Other Transportation

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