Experimental orchard for new fruit varieties.

To grow and produce new varieties wich currently do not exist in the region and wich this point of diferentation, look for niches in the market place.

The long term aim and objetive for this development projet will be the investigation and development of new varieties, in the main of apricot and flesh nectarine. The objetives will be as follows: * Create and diferenciate new products. * Anticipate market needs for fruit from our markets. * Identify and fulfill under supplied markets. * Improve health and safety conditions in the workplace. * Increase food safety. * Improve service to our client base. * Create stable job positions. * Grow and produce varieties so that the packing operation is utilized year round. * Ripening at source-development plan. In order to develop and take the project forward in the correct manner, the first necessary step is a 40 ha farm. on this farm, will plant ang grow the new experimental varieties. the farm will reqired the infraestructure for development such as the latest irrigation system, hail netting, etc. New varieties. * NECTARINE: SIX VARIETIES. * APRICOT:SEVEN VARIETIES. * PEACH WHITE PULP: FOR VARIETIES. Each one the varrietie have diferent area.
Project ID: 
5 411
Start date: 
Project Duration: 
Project costs: 
1 190 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Agriculture Machinery / Technology
Market Area: 
General food products

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