Smart intersection

The r&d program - smarti (smart intersection), described in the present application form, offers research and development of an innovative smart intersection system followed by road tests.

Nowadays intersections are controlled by preprogrammed traffic light. Together with that all signs at the intersection are fixed with exclusive directions. Unfortunately, the traffic crosses an intersection during day and night, all year long are not fixed in their behavior. There is a conflict between the dynamic demand of the traffic and the permanent behavior of the system at the intersection. The end result of such conflict is a suboptimal intersection flow not mentioning the dangerous situations yielding accidents. By creating a close loop dynamic system it is possible to improve traffic throughput and safer driving saving lives, energy and time. Closing the loop dynamically it means to analyze the traffic head from the intersection in all directions, prioritize the need of the different lanes and accordingly to direct the drivers/cars how to drive by signaling with the traffic lights and the signs along the lanes that will be remotely controlled with the ability to switch directions. This R&D proposal (SMARTI – Smart Intersection) offers an innovative concept of improved safer intersection behavior with higher throughput by using long distance observation day and night cameras accompanied with image processing algorithms to analyze the traffic. The end result of the traffic demand analysis will be the input to control the traffic lights, modify the signs and even transmit instructions at a later stage of the program to the driver through dedicated HMI devices. Implementing the system implies to achieve significant innovations: A special day and night optical observation system, advanced image processing algorithms that will define the traffic flow at all lanes together with the ability to classify the vehicles. All above information will be the input to the decision-making algorithm that will be developed. This algorithm will analyze the traffic flow and type of vehicles in that flow to make the end decisions of how to control the traffic flow through the traffic lights and redirect the signs. Later on, in the second phase of the program, a short range RF link with the vehicle will be developed allowing bursting with instruction massages to the driver and vehicle control system The SMARTI system will be built from observation systems (OS) that will be installed in the intersection. The observation system will forward the video information to the image processing algorithm. Upon receiving the results of the traffic behavior from the image processing algorithm the decision making subsystem will decide the proper directions to enable. The new directions will be reflected through the traffic lights, traffic signs and communication with the vehicle. The SMARTI R&D program will cover the following activities: A. Study of intersection traffic behavior B. Definitions of the technical specifications of the SMARTI system C. Definition of the sensors to be used for the SMARTI D. Installing the special day & night electro-optical system on a selected intersection. E. Development of the image processing algorithm. F. Development of the decision making algorithm. G. Development of the dynamic traffic signs. H. Tests & Evaluation
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5 434
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1 080 000.00€
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Road Vehicles technology
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