Carminat system

System for acquisition, transmission, processing and
presentation of information to improve driver safety and
make trips easier and more efficient (with electronic car
monitoring and/or navigation system).

System basis: The evolution of care towards increased integration of electronics to improve the safety on the roads has been studied for many years. In 1980 the ATLAS project was started, in 1984 a presentation was given. Also in 1985 the first demonstration of the CARIN system took place; market interests stimulated the prototype development. The MINERVE concept was derived from the ATLAS studies of RENAULT and TDF, and based on an on-board mass memory as in the CARIN system. A presentation was given in 1987. After studying these concepts, it was decided to integrate the experiences available in one common system CARMINAT and European cooperation with governmental support is essential. In this way, the CARMINAT EUREKA project not only covers many technical aspects indicated in the PROMETHEUS project, but can also be regarded as a first short term activity within the lines of PROMETHEUS and as an example of the continuous evolution in car design, to improve safety and efficiency. System description: The information for monitoring and navigation can be divided into: - car status information: a diagnostic sub-system processes data and many censore in the car and displays relevant information to the driver or to maintenance personnel. - external information: actual environmental information input from Radio Data System (RDS) is processed and presented to the driver, enabling him to avoid traffic hazards. - on board mass memory information: a computer aided navigation sub-system with a CD-ROM mass memory guides the driver to his destination. To be adaptable to the full range of terrestrial vehicles, the total system has a modular architecture, taking into account future extensions for additional features and applications. Therefore, the architecture is based on a system which allows any number of sub systems, sophisticated to a lesser or greater extent, to the processing units; the sensors and actuators being interconnected by a multiplex wiring system. So a "tailor made" system can be obtained, fit for all types of vehicles. Furthermore, an evolutive and modular system of this type can be supplied in initial configuration, without waiting for the completion of the total system. Acquisition of the basis information for navigation is excluded from this project. A separate activity on digital mapping has to be carried out, with technical standards and time schedules in concert with this project. Also excluded are the necessary facilities for date acquisition about actual traffic changes and obstacles, and providing hazard warning (e.g. fog, icy roads) to be transmitted via RDS. Project planning: Full tests with prototypes, equipped with CARMINAT systems are planned in 1989.
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48 790 000.00€
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