Material optimization for a structural automotive innovative concept

Mass production of vehicles for market sectors at a lower
price than the traditional vehicle, using new metallic
and/or non-metallic materials

The RENAULT objective is mass production of vehicles (2,500 per day) for the (CLIO-R19) market sectors at a lower price than the traditional vehicle using new metallic and/or non-metallic materials, in particular for manufacturing the structural elements of the vehicle. The use of new materials which are generally more expensive than conventional materials implies reviewing the overall structural concept and achieving perfect control over interdependent parameters such as: materials, the manufacturing process, the modula concept, manufacturing and assembling, industrial equipment, product's flexibility, capital costs and the recycling possibility. RENAULT's partners must respond to the changing world automotive market (European in particular), to acquire a better knowledge of design and the method of calculation applied to cars, and thus anticipate technological developments and their repercussions on industrial machinery in order to offer new innovative products.
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51 470 000.00€
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