Biotechnical production process of allium ursinum clones for food- and pharmaceutical industry

To develop an applicable biotechnological propagation process in collaboration with the cooperation-partner, with corresponding adaption and cultivation systems for growing allium ursinum. Simultaneously clones are to be developed, which allow an energy saving production.

The aim of the announced project is to develop a biotechnological production process with corresponding adaption and cultivation systems for cloning Allium ursinum (wild garlic). Thereby the fresh goods production would not be linked to a season anymore, whereby the year-round demand on Allium ursinum in the food- and pharmaceutical industry can be supplied. One main focus of the project is to investigate the principles for an enduring biotechnical output of the potentially endangered wild type geophyt. Basics of axenic propagation should be developed, which allow the controlling of climatic parameters and thereby breaks the season linkage of the plant. Plant tissue culture makes it possible to produce millions of genetically identical off-springs from one selected plant. Preferential developmental targets are the high economic efficiency, a favourable energy balance, protection of resources by new HVAC(heating, ventilation and air conditioning)-technology in-vitro and avoidance of chemical treatment, to optimise the plant quality by stimulation of photoautotrophy and biological activity. Through cooperating with the Czech partner, a scientific exchange is enabled, as well as the utilisation of synergies concerning tissue culture techniques, know-how transfer in both directions and the market expansion in Eastern Europe through utilising the commercial relations of the Czech partner.
Allium ursinum
Project ID: 
5 763
Start date: 
Project Duration: 
Project costs: 
900 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Horticulture technology
Market Area: 
Pharmaceuticals/fine chemicals

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