Fundamental and industrial fossilised resin research for the production of composite material

Present work is aimed at elaborating of technology for manufacturing complex composite amber (fossilised resin) fibre which can be applied for medical or preventive purposes.

In 2008/09, an estimated 16 000 individuals who worked in the last 12 months suffered "skin problems" which they believed to be work-related, according to the Labour Force Survey. There were 2180 cases of occupational skin disease in 2008 reported by dermatologists and occupational physicians reporting in the THOR (EPIDERM and OPRA) network. The average way to treat or prevent skin conditions is via drugs and skin ointments. To enhance the effects of said means a new approach can be used which includes application of biotextiles possessing specific properties aiming at improvement of skin condition. For the last two decades the application of textiles has been directed towards innovative materials, which can be used in such areas as sport, medicine and fashion. Present work is aimed at elaborating of technology for manufacturing complex composite amber fibre which can be applied for medical or preventive purposes. The goal of "JLU Technologies" Ltd in participating in the project is to apply successful scientific idea to develop a new biomaterial and eventually obtain ready-made competitive product that can be promoted on the market. Elaboration with BB Engineering GmbH within a project makes it possible to develop research results into a new product (composite amber fibre) and opens a new field of activity for the company. Co-financing of the project will be performed by both participants from their private sources. This elaboration will serve as basis for further researches - fibers with new properties (e.g medical) demanded by consumers will be developed. A successful project can open new market possibilities as BB Engineering GmbH gets the necessary background for design and manufacture spinning machines for the production of filament fibres based on composite materials. Industrial research projects like this will extend also the technological knowledge for highly innovative special products, thus BB Engineering GmbH will increase its ability to act as a development partner for companies and universities who want to work on the field of medical or other special filament fibres. Project involves application of knowledge about natural complex fibers as well as structure and functioning of fossilized resin (natural amber granules) in order to obtain composite amber fiber with similar properties that can be further utilized e.g. in preventive medicine. For the manufacturing of the fibers it is planned to use specific equipment which was specially adapted for such purpose. Composite fibers consist of polyamide matrix filled with amber microinclusions; polyamide matrix provides necessary physico-mechanical properties while amber inclusions – biological properties. Project involves elaboration of innovative material (composite amber fiber) as well as elaboration of new technology and manufacturing of specific parts of the equipment for the production of said material. It is planned that participants will exchange information about the results of their researches in order to promote further investigation and improvement of the final product. Meetings of partners will take place to provide such information exchanges. It is expected that two international scientific publications and one international patent will be elaborated during the project. Project involves elaboration of mechanisms and processes as well as equipment and systems that could favour the development of industrial process. Cooperation between scientific research group from Latvia and textile machinery manufacturer from Germany is expected to be synergistic and beneficial for the development of science and technology for both states. So far parties are about to sign Cooperation Agreement.
Project ID: 
5 798
Start date: 
Project Duration: 
Project costs: 
310 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Man made fibres
Market Area: 
Textiles (synthetic and natural)

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