2-d laser system for material processing

To build a 2-d laser system for material processing. There two main areas of innovation in the project: 1) development of a new type of high power laser ; 2) development of a very high performance linear motor; and 3) development of a high performance digital drive.

The use of lasers for material processing is a very developed method in the industry. There are many advantages to the use of lasers including processing speed, accuracy, flexibility, complex shapes. low material loss, short setup time and clean working environment. The annual market for laser machines for material processing is several billion Euro, indicating the importance and usefulness of the technology. Therefore any improvement in the technology would be welcome by the markets. We believe that we can bring three major improvements to the technology: 1) A new type of high power laser. The laser we are developing should have improved wall-plug efficiency (use less electricity for the same amount of laser power), will have improved reliability, lower cost and lower cost of ownership. 2) A very high performance linear motor. The linear motor is used to move the laser across the material which is being processed or cut. Our motors will have very high a curacy and zero backslash combined with very high speed. this will result in higher production throughput and yields which in turn will reduce energy usage and costs. 3) A high performance digital drive. In order to reach the very high dynamic performances and increased positioning accuracy required to the system, a DSP-based drive will be realized. The system will have a distributed intelligent architecture, using dedicated motion control DSP processors, and high accuracy position sensors, like sine/cosine encoders. In this project we plan to build a 2-D laser system for material processing. The first application will be aimed at cutting of thin metal lamination for the production of electrical motors. The process of cutting consists of continuously following the contour of the required laminations with the laser beam. The speeds of cutting, the power of the laser and the width of the laser beam influence the quality of the cut surface. The advantage of using a laser machine over press cutting is the very low cost of the initial setup which makes it ideal for production of prototypes and small quantities in a short time. The whole setup process is computerized and can be very easily modified . The process is flexible, repetitive and has high quality. Other advantages of the proposed system are : low power consumption; low maintenance cost; precision cutting; clean cutting surface; sharp edges; low operation costs; complex shapes; small material losses; easy automation; no finishing necessary; high productivity; and high precision. This project is a collaboration between Civan Advanced Technologies Ltd. from Israel, the Servomotor Department of ICPE SA and Technosoft International SRL. Civan is a startup company specializing in high power lasers and manufacturing automation. The staff in Civan are veterans of the electro-optical industry with many years of experience in development and manufacturing and bringing new innovative products to the markets. Civan's CEO is Dr. Eyal Shekel. Prior to founding Civan, Dr. Shekel was the founder and CEO of Al Cielo ( as well as some other companies. The company holds liceness to 40 patents registered by Dr. Shekel. ICPE ( - founded in 1950, has been the most important institute for scientific research in the electrical field from Romania. Now , ICPE is a private company with research and production capabilities.The development of ICPE is based on its own researches, technologies and patents. The products of ICPE are present in international markets in countries such as: Germany, Italy, Israel, Austria, USA, a.s.o. ICPE is organized in several departments. The present project will be carried out within the Servomotor Department (60 employees). The areas of work of Servomotor Department ( ) is research, design, development and production of electrical drive systems, synchronous servomotors, brushless servomotors, for servo-drives, electrical vehicles, permanent magnet generators. ICPE is involved in multilateral scientific and technical national and international programs in the following fields: electrical drive systems, solutions for energy efficiency, wind energy, drive systems for electric vehicles, advanced engineering materials and Technologies. Technosoft International was created in 1994 as a spin-off of Polytechnic University of Bucharest. Technosoft is a leading DSP Motion Control technology company, specialized in the development, design and manufacture of OEM motion control products and custom motion systems as: Intelligent drives for stand-alone and distributed DSP-based motion control; digital control drives based on Technosoft MotionChipTM technology; specific motor control algorithms; digital, analogue and power electronic design;complete motion system industrialization. Customers of various industries requiring a wide range of motion control products and systems for specialized applications have effectively utilized Technosoft expertise.
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5 820
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Project Duration: 
Project costs: 
1 600 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Laser Technology
Market Area: 
Machine tools, other metal working equipment (excluding numeric control)

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