Movar: development of flexible, affordable and mobile 3d augmented-reality systems

To develop highly flexible mobile 3d augmented reality (ar) service systems which provide a set of comprehensive features to support a wide range of mobile end user devices, communication protocols, data resolutions and of mobile services using 3d ar datasets.

Recent technical advances in several fields such as image processing, computer vision, 3D rendering and others have allowed the birth of a new concept called Augmented Reality (AR) in which reality is enriched with virtual information coming from different sources. Furthermore, thanks to the increasing capacities and decreasing prices of current mobile devices AR will be soon a mainstream experience. Especially, the mobile augmented reality market will grow from an estimated $2 million in 2010, reach $732 million by 2014. AR brings a wide range of new experiences for users, creating a new level of mobile interactivity in gaming, travel, retail, social networking and education applications. The MovAR project aims to develop highly flexible mobile 3D AR service systems which provide a set of comprehensive features to support a wide range of mobile end user devices, communication protocols, data resolutions and of mobile services using 3D AR datasets. The project also targets the development of advanced mobile 3D applications on top of the MovAR system platform, which will span over different target markets such as real estate and furniture, factory design and maintenance, automotive, tourism and entertainment. The system will be created in a generic way that allows the easy integration into a large number of existing mobile platforms such as Smartphones, pocket devices as well as notebooks. The MovAR system includes the following features and benefits: (1) High-quality tracking for the recognition of multiple objects and pose (position and orientation) detection with multiple tracking methodologies (2) 3D modelling engine for supporting flexible data resolution and high-quality rendering (3) Personalized user interaction based on gesture (e.g., face, arm and finger) behavior recognition on top of TUI (tangible user interface) (4) Cross-platform technology for supporting multiple mobile platforms and mobile end user devices (5) Content management (provision, recommendation, retrieval, transfer and visualization) for mobile 3D datasets (6) Video avatar service agent engine: The HD level state-of-the-art visualization environments for the various mobile consumer devices such as iPhone, Android based Smartphones and others. Thanks to actual market trends, mobile devices provide an increasing number of possibilities at a lower price. The applications developed with MovAR will be available for the state-of-the-art mobile consumer devices like iPhone, Android based Smartphones and laptops, but also industry grade equipment such as Linux Embedded. In this sense, MovAR will be designed and implemented as a cross-platform solution, deployable on a variety of current mainstream platforms. Finally, affordability and cost effectiveness are main requirements too. In this sense, the platform will work for low-cost standard off-the-shelf hardware (< 1.500 €). The consortium of development partners is made up by the following companies: * K3I Co. Ltd., Korea * Meticube, Lda, Portugal * STT Ingeniería y Sistemas, Spain * CAPCom AG, Germany The consortium plans to jointly carry out development, testing and documentation activities required to transform the prototype system into a marketable product that can be customized easily for being used in other sites than those used for the pilot installations. The produced result will offer the users the possibility to personalize the selected items, e.g., within pictures of their own environment and thus enhance substantially their daily life experience. Beyond the aforementioned activities, the goal of this project is to promote and increase cooperation between the Korean and European SMEs.
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5 824
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Project costs: 
2 510 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Mobile Communications
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Mobile communications, pagers and cellular radio

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