Development of technology for efficient and economical production of bio-ethanol fuel at small farms

To develop an efficient technology and equipment which is suitable to small farms for economical production of bio-ethanol fuel for own need including production of electrical energy and for sales of surplus to local/regional distributors, industries, farmers, etc.

A goal of this project is to develop an efficient technology for such size of equipment which is suitable to small farmers for economical production of bio-ethanol fuel (from own raw material) for own need (including production of electrical energy) and for sales of surplus (ethanol, electricity) to local/regional distributors, industries and farmers. Due to small production, small farms have higher production cost than big farms mainly due to large consumption of energy (fuel, electricity) which they purchase at market price and therefore small farms can not be competitive to the big farms. However, if small farms can produce energy like bio-ethanol fuel for their needs and surplus for the market their competitiveness could be improved. The bio-ethanol fuel represents one important alternative to the fossil fuel for reduction of the carbon dioxide emission and therefore there is a need for a development of more energy efficient technology, equipment and distributive channels which can reduce the production cost and make the production of ethanol profitable for small farmers all over the World. It can lead to the mass production and sales at lower price which can compete to the price of fossil fuel resulting in the growing of agriculture and energy production at the local, the regional and the state level (keeping farmers at locations of production of raw material) following the industrial production of motors on ethanol. Farmers can make profitable business at their small farms because of higher price of bio-ethanol in contrast to raw material and a possibility to use their own bio-ethanol for driving machines for agricultural production as well as for production of electrical energy. Surplus of ethanol, they can sell at the local market or/and to local distributors of ethanol while the surplus of electricity they can sell to local distributors of electricity. Also they can convert at their farms raw material from other farmers and get payment for conversion in ethanol. Sales of ethanol to other farmers and local industry are benefit to producers of ethanol and end users due to saving in distribution and transport cost. If such efficient technology and equipment is available, distributors can boost and spread production of bio-ethanol or/and electrical energy (in order to secure delivery on long term bases) by leasing equipment to farmers where and when they need ethanol or/and electrical energy with payment for leasing in delivery of bio-ethanol or electrical energy and therefore meet increasing demand for ethanol fuel or electrical energy without any risks in production and big capital investment. The main goal in this project it to research and evaluate efficiency of a new innovative technology to use free heat from air from the ambient for evaporation of ethanol from an ethanol-water mixture in the process of the fractional distillation in order to reduce consumption of energy for heating and therefore reduce the production cost of bio-ethanol. If farmers choose to use free heat energy from sun in a process of distillation they could save fuel. However, equipment for using heat energy from the sun is more expensive than equipment for using heat energy from the ambient and energy from the sun can be used only during Sunny days.
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5 832
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500 000.00€
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Fuel Technology
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Other Energy

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