All-in-one intelligent energy-providing unit for passive houses

Ddeveloping an innovative prototype of all-in-one energy-providing unit for passive houses which will provide air and water heating and air-conditioning all in unit which will be remotely regulated through the specially developed "intelligent" central monitoring system.

The proposed project is devoted to the development of a technologically innovative all-in-one energy-providing unit for passive houses which will provide: o Space and water heating o Air-conditioning o Optimal redistribution of energy for air and sanitary water heating o Effective performance at outside temperatures of up to -15°C o Optimal inflow of fresh air into the living quarters and with this ensure optimal humidity levels and permissible levels of carbon dioxide inside passive houses o Rate of waste heat recuperation between 85-90% It is envisaged that the energy-providing unit itself will communicate with the specially developed system of intelligent regulation in a so-called “intelligent house”. This would allow the user to follow and change the energy parameters in the house from a distance. The system would be: o easy to use o adaptable to needs of individual user o enabling the possibility of adjusting the ventilation according to the volume of moisture or CO2 inside the house. Analysis of the market has shown great need for such a product. Thus far, though, such a product doesn’t yet exist. The aim of the proposed project is to develop such an innovative product and bring it to the market first, tailored to suit the needs of wide variety of individual target customers. Providing such a product to the market would therefore mean great competitive edge and marketability of the new product. Consequently, the main goals/objectives of the project are: 1. The development of a technologically innovative all-in-one energy-providing unit for passive houses 2. The development of advanced remote communication system for intelligent regulation in a so-called »intelligent house«. To achieve these objectives and to fall within the guidelines of the EUREKA mission, the project’s approach has to be and is first and foremost: Innovative: The innovation in the proposed project fulfils every crucial criteria for innovation by using the already developed and established partial solutions as the foundation for the development of a technologically unique product with unprecedented applicability, compatibility and ease of use for maximum user acceptability. Wide-ranging and with potential to be marketed globally: According to the surveys made in the field of energy-providing units for passive houses tremendous growth opportunities exist in the European markets in the future. Contributing to this is the fact that most European countries have implemented legislation to reduce their levels of energy consumption which makes passive houses increasingly viable as an alternative housing option which should become wide-spread standard in the next few years. Additionally, the market situation in the USA and Canada has been under examination in the year 2009. At the moment the application seems suitable for this market, too. Co-operative: The following partners will implement the project: KHC (Slovenia) and AirTS (The Netherlands). KHC as the developer of the idea and the owner of the IPR rights does not hold sufficient resources and knowledge to successfully transform the innovative idea into final product by itself. The international cooperation is therefore required and partners are needed for the project to be a success. The knowledge and know-how gained through this project will represent an additional competitive edge for the partners that will influence the future business of the project partners significantly. In the project implementation, cross-exchange of knowledge, experience and market accesses will be made, which will assist all partners in better international recognition and success. The project consists of definition and implementation phases. The definition phase for this project consists of the activities around main design idea development, including: - Market research (what the competition is already offering in the respect of size, design, drive etc.) - Initial design ideas development - Definitions of sizes, usability, equipment etc. - Full project definition The implementation phase includes all other project activities: - Efficiency testing of individual components - Development of regulation systems for ventilation of passive houses - Development of a system of sensors to measure the quantity of carbon dioxide and relative humidity inside the passive house - Development of remote communication system for passive houses which will optimally redistribute energy inside the passive house - Selection of cooling agent for the optimal performance of all-in-one energy providing unit with recuperator for passive houses - Combining all the necessary components for passive house energy supply in one unit - Prototype testing - Integration of remote communication system into all-in-one energy-providing unit and testing (optimizing) - Preparation of complete production model.
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5 859
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Project costs: 
150 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Thermal insulation, energy efficiency in buildings
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Other construction and Building Products Related

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