Audition of citizens and research of their participation in organised city life

Building and testing of products which will provide a new
generation of public information systems

The ACROPOL project will build and test products which will provide a new generation of public information systems. These products will comprise: - a self-service workstation capable of processing text, graphics, image and voice and able to manage various forms of input and output; - a UNIX server accessible from a wide variety of terminals such as telephone, home terminal and the above self service workstation, supporting an intelligent user interface and a service management system giving access to information within and outside the system; - a set of application services providing in the various areas of communication between the actors in the cities, improved facilities. The ACROPOL project will bear the cost of ensuring that the solutions allow interworking between different systems and components and are applicable across Europe. The specification of norms to interface the various components is a key point, and is why the European manufacturers and software houses are involved. The involvement of a European association of cities has shown the requirement for a multi-function product and they will ensure a final product which will satisfy a wide market.
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28 080 000.00€
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