Potent spices-free natural antioxidant additive

The project is aimed at the development of new potentially tasteless antioxidant food additive able to prolong shelf life of fresh meat and fish products during chill storage. The product will be based on natural plant mixtures with special focus on utilization of by-products from agro-food sector.

The aim of the proposed project is to develop an antioxidant mixture of agricultural by-products for extension of shelf life of fresh meat and fish products during chill storage and a complete technology for its production. Since the discovery of preserving effects of heat and cold, the progress of chemistry, biology and food sciences contributed to the development of many new ways of chemical preservation. Unfortunately, many of the synthetic substances used for preservation are proved to be adverse or even harmful. Because of this, the scientific and industrial communities pay more and more attention to possible new preservatives, especially those derived completely from natural sources. Due to consumers’ increasing demand for healthy and safe food, more and more new ways of natural and minimal preservation are discussed and evaluated. Although most of the recent investigations have been targeted towards identification of novel potent antioxidants from natural sources, assessment of their efficacy and possible toxicity has become increasingly difficult, thus giving priority to moderately concentrated GRAS natural mixtures containing antioxidants instead of isolated individual substances of natural origin. At the same time, modern customers prefer foods with a minimum of additives as indicated by E number, which has also stimulated a trend towards mixtures of spices and other plants, containing antioxidants that do not need to be declared. In fish and meat products, modern consumers’ attitude has moved towards less spicy foodstuffs, which changes the direction of the search for new antioxidant mixtures from traditional aromatic plants towards potentially tasteless plant product mixtures. The present project will deal with the obtaining of potent antioxidant mixtures from the range of by-products of the agro-food sector, particularly those, which were already reported to possess antioxidant properties, but were either not sufficiently tested or currently underused in the region where the project consortium is located. Such agricultural by-products may contain even more bioactive constituents than the main product, but are often inadequately discarded or used as fertilizers. Their utilisation will not only increase additional value, but would contribute to a better environment. The obtained antioxidant mixtures will be tested for prolongation of shelf life during storage on ice of fresh fish (whole or processed, e.g. fillets) and chilled storage of packed fresh meat and fish products. The best candidates will undergo optimisation and additional testing, thus providing a marketable product. If several candidate mixtures will show competitive results in different conditions, the project participants will further cooperate to create a product family, but this might be performed mostly beyond the present project. As natural antioxidant mixtures are often multipotent, other prospective applications will be evaluated and might serve as the basis for further cooperation of the project participants. Property rights for developed antioxidant mixture and complete technology for its manufacture will be divided between the project participants according to their contribution and agreements and will be duly protected. After that, the product will be marketed. In the long-term prospective, the rights for utilisation of producing technology (as e.g. licence) could be also marketed if the project participants will decide so. The project will be carried out by an international consortium composed by Hungarian SME (Coordinator), Slovenian SME, Hungarian NGO, and Slovenian University. Hungary is nominated as a main member because the project coordination has been delegated to the Hungarian SME owing to experience of its staff in participation in international projects. At the same time, Slovenia has a higher share in the total project balance, because Slovenian SME and University utilise more costly technologies. Consequently, Slovenian participants will have additional voting rights in the Project Management Committee in proportion to the budget distribution. The Project Management Committee represents the ultimate decision-making body of the project and will execute the management of the project. Thereby, the distribution of the project budget matches the nature and costs of the research technologies employed by each participant and the roles of the project participants in the Project Management Committee.
Project ID: 
6 302
Start date: 
Project Duration: 
Project costs: 
690 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Food Additives / Ingredients
Market Area: 
Food supplements/vitamins

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