High temperature plastic power train tube for clean diesel & patrol engine

Replace steel & rubber hose to high temperature plastic tube with quick connector for power train part which require high temperature characteristic.

1. A Clean Diesel Vehicle has better fuel economy characteristics compared to gasoline vehicles and both low noise level and harmful emissions compared to existing diesel vehicles by applying both new combustion technology and after-treatment devices. - Recently, a clean diesel vehicle means that it meets not only Euro-6 and Post New Long Term Target of Japan but also Tier2/Bin5 emission regulation of U.S.A., which is the strictest emission regulation. - Clean diesel vehicles can derive commercialisation of technology related to low fuel consumption and high efficiency component technology and improvement of power-train technology. 2. Reducing weight technology of a clean diesel vehicle includes maximising component performance technology and alternative material technology. It is respected that alternative material technology is the most effective. - Automotive companies have focused on fuel economy in the practical region and torque in the low and middle RPM of engine preferentially, compared to improvement of maximum power. - In order to work forward to these goals, downsizing and light-weight, hollowness, thin thickness are needed. - In gasoline engines, Eco-friendly vehicles are being developed through lightweight of engine block, improvement of fuel atomisation, injection control, fuel supplying system and after-treatment system. 3. High temperature plastic tubing line for a clean diesel engine will replace existing line, which has steel and rubber connection structure using a clamp, in a diesel engine. So it improves weak durability between existing connection point and rubber. And It also deals successfully with lightweight of vehicles. * Clamping connection is originally weak for vibrational durability. It is needed to change to heat-resistant and pressure-resistant material. ** It can be achieved 50~60% of lightweight using high temperature plastic tube. - High stiffness plastic is already applied to the intake system and cooling system but, there is no flexible plastic which is applied to worldwide responding up to 110 degrees Celsius and 10 bar condition, due to lack of reliable root material and manufacture technology. 4. ARKEMA, which is a participant in this project, has been developing over 150 degrees Celsius of high temperature plastic material in order to replace existing steel and rubber line of vehicle component (RILSAN(R) HT) 5. ARKEMA, which has high temperature plastic technology, and FRANKISCHE, which is specialist of bellows tube, are good participants for this project.
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6 311
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Project costs: 
4 080 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Plastics, Polymers
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Motor Vehicles, Transportation Equipment and Parts

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