Safety technology in laser medicine

Improvement in safety technology in laser medicine by
evaluation and development of procedures, devices, standards
requirements for medical lasers, accessories, personal
protection to avoid/dispose of toxic or infectious material

Improvement of safety technology in laser medicine by evaluation and development of procedures, devices and standards concerning: General Requirements for Medical Lasers, Accessories, Personal Protection - Standardised control elements for simultaneous use of different lasers - Safety Standards for Classification of Inflammability of OR Material - Development of Laser-safe Instruments and OR Material - Development of Dynamic Eye Protection. Improvement of Application to Increase Safety of Treatment - Visual Control of treatment - Control of Applied Radiation (In-line Measurement) - Control of Tissue Effect (Dosimetry) - Evaluation of Cancerogenity or Mutagenity of Laser Irradiation - Substitution of Risky Lasers. Evaluation of Procedures to Avoid or Dispose of Toxic and Infectious Material - Procedures and Standards for Disposal of Toxic laser Material - Substitution by Less Toxic Material or Lasers - Process Parameters for Laser-induced Toxic Material - Conditions for Infectious Material in Laser-induced Plume - Production of Toxic Material depending on Drugs used for staining Evaluation of Evacuators - Specifications of Improved Filters and Evacuators.
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