Passive biomass estimation in fish farms

Develop a system to monitor the biomass and control the
operations in fish farms (feeding, grading, harvesting, etc)
to increase profitability and minimize the environmental
impact of fish farming industry

The main objective of the project is to develope a system to monitor and control fish farming operations. The project is divided into four main phases: Phase 1: Biomass analysis while counting the fish. This system is based on a soft wear program used together with VAKI's Bioscanner counter. The objective of this system is to estimate the size of the fish as they are being counted with the Bioscanner. This gives the fish farmer an accurate count and 96% accuracy of the biomass of the fish in each pen. This phase is finished successfully and is not considered a part of this project proposal. Phase 2: Passive Biomass estimation of netpens. The main objective of this phase is to develop a measuring system that gives an accurate estimation of the size and size distribution of the fish. With the Biomass Measuring System (BMS), fish farmers will be able to monitor the growth of the fish at regular intervals and therefore give food and medicine according to information on size, size distribution and total biomass. This also gives vital information regarding the need for grading and when to harvest the fish. Phase 3: Adaptation to current methods. The main objective of this phase is to develop the system for use in current underwater grading operations. The system will be used together with current submerged mechanical graders to monitor all fish passing through. This yields vital information on the size and number of fish passing through and also a reference value for the fish farmer to use in passive BMS. Phase 4: Underwater grading. The main objective of phase 4 is to develop an integrated underwater grader and BMS. This system can be used to monitor and grade all the fish in the pen on regular intervals, thus giving vital information about the process as well as means to control the process accordingly. Phase 5: Monitoring and control system. The main objective of Phase 5 is to develop an intergrated information system and control process based on the BMS. This system will gather information from the BMS, process the information and control the operations accordingly. Control information from the system will be: feed quantity, grading periods, optimal harvesting time, quantity of medical dosages, etc... The work in phase 5 will be carried out parallel with the other phases. During the initial phases of the project the output of phase 5 will be used for monitoring the operations in fish farms. Phase 6: (Provisional) A biomass measurement system for rivers and streams. The objective is to monitor returns of fish in rivers and streams. Information on the feasibility of this provissional phase is expected to be acquired during Phase 2. not discussed further in this application.
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250 000.00€
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