Accis - automated crowd classification & identification system

Accis (automated crowd classification & identification system) is a comprehensive access management solution for office buildings which manages & monitors all entry points and public areas. Accis augments or replaces receptionist stations with an easier more cost effective solution.

Personal & Information Security are basic pre-requisites to any company. Most companies implement some sort of entry control solution, and many employ 24/7 human receptionists/security that monitor the identity purpose of anyone entering the company facility. When many such companies reside in the same multi-story building, providing a solution which meets the individual needs of those companies becomes a challenging mission. Typically, the lobby of such a building requires one or more people monitoring access at all times as well as a host of identification solutions such as magnetic cards, RFID tags and biometric technology. The operating costs of such a lobby often run well over €100,000 per year with most of the cost (over 70%) going to the people manning the entrance. The goal of this program is to develop and manufacture ACCIS (Automated Crowd Classification & Identification System) - a comprehensive security access management solution for office buildings. ACCIS provides management and control of all entry points and public areas (such as office lobbies). ACCIS is aimed to provide an alternative to the human monitoring of entrance and provide access to approved persons while requiring unapproved persons to obtain permission through a built in virtual receptionist system. ACCIS uses face recognition technology to identify visitors and workers. Unfortunately, face recognition technology alone is not always reliable enough to determine access. Furthermore, office buildings typically have large numbers of outside visitors, delivery and service persons. For this reason, “humanlike” intelligence is needed to differentiate the behavior patterns of an employee, a visitor, service person and an infiltrator. ACCIS mimics a human receptionist by using a combination of video recognition algorithms combined with personal behavior patterns to confirm the identity of building residents and approved visitors while detecting potential infiltrators and troublemakers before their try to enter the building. ACCIS uses an array of ultra high definition video surveillance cameras located in the lobby. These cameras run a set of video analytic algorithms to extract facial images, clothing patterns (shape and color) objects carried, etc. Through a unique algorithm, these cameras communicate with each other, and cross-match the people detected in each image. Using this information and a triangulation algorithms, a server determines each person’s location, movement and behavior patterns. ACCIS can be customized to respond differently to each person type by opening doors, requiring visitor confirmation or denying access. ACCIS is the result of a combined effort of four video surveillance and access control companies coming together to create one unique system - a preventative humanized access control that can see, hear, talk and make real-time decisions based on fusion of information. FST21 Ltd., an Access Control Company from Israel will develop the core of the system based on their award winning virtual receptionist system deployed in residential buildings around the world. FST21 has developed and patented multi sensor “fuzzy logic” personal recognition systems using face recognition, voice and behavior patterns. UDP Technologies Ltd., a video surveillance company from South Korea will develop a customized indoor high speed, high resolution camera with the ability to extract specific features from the video feed, and cross comparison software that will match between individuals in different cameras. VCA Technology Ltd., a video analytics company from the UK will develop a specific feature extraction algorithms running inside the UDP Technology camera which will provide the system information used to cross reference cameras and identify a person’s behavior. Mobilus Ltd. Sti., a video technology company from Turkey will develop a cloud based video management system that will allow security personnel as well as any qualified resident of the building to video camera feeds, talk to and approve access to visitors by using any web browser or mobile device. The worldwide access control system market is estimated at over $5B and growing at nearly 10%. There are over 800,000 office buildings in the US alone and similar number in Europe spending over 70% of their annual access control budget on personnel monitoring and controlling their entrances. The development of ACCIS will last 20 months and will cost €4.35million in total by the four partners. The companies have already signed a joint development agreement and plan to jointly market the solution once complete. Marketing of the ACCIS system will be done primarily through UDP Technology and FST21 reseller network deployed in more than 50 countries. Sales of the system are expected to generate more than 90 million Euros in the first five years of its deployment.
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6 728
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2 700 000.00€
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Imaging, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition
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Business and office

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