Research and development of mesh network for intelligent building automation

The project is aimed for applied research and development for intelligent building automation with technology of wireless sensor networks operating under ieee 802.15.4 standard. Wireless communication system will be integrated into the existing bus system inels.

The project is aimed at applied research and development for intelligent building automation with technology of wireless sensor networks operating under IEEE 802.15.4 standard. The whole system is divided into three blocks, which will evolve in incremental stages. The main block and idea of whole project is to design a wireless communication system which will consist of low-power communication units forming a WSN network (Wireless Sensor Network). These units use for communication with the gateway and other units the wireless environment defined by IEEE 802.15.4 standard, which provides low energy requirements and has sufficient transmission parameters for the planned application of intelligent building automation. Low consumption of communication units will be provided by MESH communication, the communication unit will not communicate directly with the remote gateway, but their transmitting power will be reduced to optimal level and the measured data together with management reports will be forwarded to multihop through other nodes. In addition, the project is aimed at research and development in the field of communication gateways for network LowPAN, which can be directionally communicate with a service terminal, and the entire wireless network. Part of the research team efforts will be dedicated to the research of IPv6 protocol usage for communication in the sensor array. In previous years, the global research teams devoted great efforts to implement Ipv6 protocol into IEEE 802.5.4 standard of which was originated 6LoWPAN standard, which allows to use the IP protocol in the WSN networks. Standard 6LoWPAN brings the benefits of using IP protocol in low energy networks and therefore is part of a project to design a system, which will have all the benefits that IP protocol provides in WSN networking, ie. efficient routing, management, etc. The proposed gate RF MultiAP together with monitoring MESH network WSN will be integrated into the existing bus system iNELS, which will expand the application potential of this system. Its scalability will increase and most importantly, will be deployed without interference to existing structures of buildings (uncovered plaster, floors, etc.) which the current system iNELS does not allow. The integration will also draft new controlling applications that will have functions for the management of bus and wireless system WSN. Sub-objective focuses aimed at applied research in the field of technical solutions of wireless sensor networks will be dealt with the general procedure: a theoretical analysis of the problem - numerical simulation of individual problems - experimental verification - final solution suitable for practical use in real conditions - modification of the system based on gained experiences from real measurements. The proposed program project consists of two parts, which, of course, to some extent overlap. a) applied research solves the problem of crisis management in which they examined a case study of the proposed deployment of appropriate technology, design methodology of communication platform, communication algorithms, architecture of workplace surveillance and sensor network itself. This research part of the project, ending in simulation models of communication, will take approximately 26 months from the commencement of the project work b) research related to prediction of emergency situations, abiotic environmental factors, the methodology for placing sensors, experimental development, validity verification and the final optimization of the proposed technology in the implementation of communication architecture to an experimental network with supervisory workplace. This part of the software project solution is time estimated to be approximately 20 months and aims to be the prototype of adaptive wireless sensor network for data visualization designed especially for crisis management of towns and villages Offer of the proposed technology will be completed and ready for sale within 3 months after completion of the program project.
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6 740
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1 020 000.00€
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Mobile Communications
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Construction Services

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