Non-invasive computer-controlled device (occiflex(tm)) for the relief of persistent neck pain and headache

A robotic cradle that moves head and neck gently along a predefined 3d course,reducing neck muscle contraction, alleviating pain & increasing the neck's range of motion. It is equipped with teach & repeat mode, which allows the therapist to tailor treatment according to each patient's needs.

OUR SOLUTION Occiflex™, an innovative patent-pending medical device by Headway, has been proven to be an effective treatment for patients suffering from chronic neck pain and headaches. Occiflex is indicated for patients who present with cervicogenic headaches, whiplash, post-trauma, cervical facet-joint disorder, pain from post-spinal surgery, tension-type headaches, medication over-use, migraines and myofascial pain syndrome. Headway was founded by Dr. Yaron River, a leading neurologist and internationally acclaimed researcher in the treatment of headache and migraine. TECHNOLOGY Occiflex consists of a computer controlled, specialized head cradle that is adjusted to the patient’s head and neck. Optimized for each individual patient’s treatment, the cradle moves the head gently along a predefined three-dimensional course determined by and based on the practitioners’ (physicians, physical therapists, and others) preprogrammed treatment movements. PRODUCT BENEFITS > The Manual Mobilization treatment that is given today is almost unworkable for more than a couple of minutes, since the head is heavy and a very slow movements (below 3°/sec) are basically impossible to be executed for session longer than 3-5 minutes. Occiflex is not only capable of executing this movements in a very slow (3°/sec through 0.1°/sec), repetitive and smooth movements, but it is also equipped with a sophisticated feature which can decrease the velocity of treatment after the caregiver has recorded the session. > Occiflex applies passive movement, thus enabling the significant decrease of head and neck muscle activation that is crucial for a full range of muscle relaxation. Occiflex restores normal neck muscle activation patterns and provides long-lasting pain relief. > Sophisticated "teach and repeat" mode allows tailored treatment for each patient's needs. The caregiver can also easily modify these treatment protocols as needed. > Once the adjustment session has been performed, the device will operate in a fully automated mode, allowing the healthcare professional to attend to other patients. A practitioner can almost double the number of patients treated, generating substantially higher revenues. > Occiflex records important clinical parameters. For example, it displays and stores the current and maximum range of motion of each patient – an innovative unique medical feature for follow-up treatments and patients’ condition re-evaluation. > Occiflex can be fully synchronized to connect directly to an EMG device, enabling advanced biofeedback properties > Occiflex is easy to use, non-invasive, naturally therapeutic, gentle and safe. The positive experience leaves the patient eager to return*. (*) One of the outcomes of the pilot trial was a 100%(!) positive answer from participated patients for the question: “would you like to come to another session(s) of treatment?” (being treated with the same prototype) JOINT PROJECT HEADWAY Ltd. – an Israeli startup is the owner of intellectual property rights relating to a device for the treatment of patients suffering from chronic headaches and neck pain and has developed a functional prototype to prove its efficacy, and completed a couple of successful pilot clinical trials using that prototype; and, ENRAF-NONIUS B.V. – a leading supplier of equipment to the healthcare professionals, with a vast experience in the development and marketing of devices and apparatuses for physical therapy and rehabilitation in certain territories. The abovementioned companies will join forces to complete the development of Occiflex, including all the design and engineering aspects (i.e. electronics, software, firmware, mechanics, design for manufacturing, risk management and regulation approvals) to bring the medical device to the professional market, including physiotherapy, rehabilitation and pain clinics.
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6 754
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2 120 000.00€
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Medical devices technology (instrumentation, medical imaging, radiology)
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Diagnostic services

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