Develoment of system of hot gas dedusting & subsequent controlled thermal destruction of higher hydrocarbons & tars

The pyrolysis of biomass or mixture of biomass and municipal waste generates a gas mixture with a lot of solid particles. Our goal is to create a system of hot gas dedusting and tar decomposing in order to gain final gas which is more efficient and easy to use as fuel for cogeneration unit.

The aim of the project is to develop a widely applicable thermal destructor (TD). Destructor is primarily intended to solve the problems associated with combustion of lean pyrolysis gases, which are largely caused by higher hydrocarbon and tar content in the mixture. The system enables their decomposition and subsequent burning using their energy value, which leads to efficiency improvement of pyrolyzer as well as engine. At the same time there is a good prerequisite for using the TD as the destructor for the substances harmful for the environment while using the TD module in a pyrolyzer burning nonbiomass products, e.g. municipal waste or some other environmentally harmful substances. Compared to the existing concepts TD shows a maximum emissions reduction. It will also provide a reliable and more energy saving operation while observing all the safety and emission standards and offering a favourable prices for users. The project integrates the technical innovations in the field of pyrolysis units, heat exchangers, heat machines, technochemical equipment (TD) including also the integration of advanced control. All in all it creates a unique functional unit, that qualitatively outperforms all previous solutions. The project generates a range of innovated component types that enable to produce TD for different applications. The project exceeds the requirements embedded in technical standards or requirement laid by the users, and provides sophoisticated technical solutions for the needs of engineering, energetics and environmental protection. PROJECT TEAM: AICTA Design Work, s.r.o., INC. SECO s.r.o., TFF Group s.r.o., MGT Corp.Ltd., PEV,spol. s r.o., VUT v Brne. AICTA DW is a company with huge experience in production of units intended for combustion of lean gases as well as in their installation. In cooperation with INC. SECO s.r.o. and P.E.V. – spol. s.r.o. companies it will verify the function of the thermic destructor constructed by them and check up the function under real operating conditions and real powers of the equipment. The project team combines research and development capacities of czech beneficiary with scientific knowledge of the university, which will participate in particular research activities.
Project ID: 
6 758
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Project Duration: 
Project costs: 
830 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Gaseous biomass
Market Area: 
Other Energy

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