Development of new generation of low cost, mobile wind turbines based on the use of inflatable components technology

To develop revolutionary new generation of wind turbines with use of advanced technology of chlorosulfonated polyethylene based inflatable components. Such turbines will be mobile, very cheap, could be transported in extremely small packs, energy efficient and have huge global market potential.

Existing wind turbine solutions are in general very expensive in relation to the electricity power they generate, they are not mobile and demand a complicated process of acquiring permits for operation. All this features in great deal limit their use. In the frame of the project we will develop a whole new generation of wind turbines that will be easily accessible to very wide circle of potential users – we will develop »wind turbines for everyone«! This technological break-through will be possible by the use of the latest technological achievements in the area of chlorosulfonated polyethylene based inflatable components. Latest developed materials of this kind are made of ultra strong technical textile membrane net covered with the chlorosulfonated polyethylene air-tight layer that prevents any air particles leak. Components made of such materials can be inflated to high pressure - up to 4 bars and provides rigidity comparable to the components made of softer thermoplastic polymers. They are so leak tight that fully inflated need to have additional pressure filling only two times a year, they are wear resistant and can last for years. According to our knowledge so far chlorosulfonated polyethylene based inflatable components have never been used in the renewable energy technological solutions. Use of inflatable technology which we intend to use will open new horizons in development of wind turbines. As main project result we will develop a 1kW fully mobile wind turbine that could be transported in minimal pack – we aim at the extreme pack sizes of the turbine (without generator and battery) of only 0,8x0,3x0,3m. For turbine of extreme size span of 2m the transport will be easily possible with the single drive of a personal car. For mentioned size of the turbine, the estimate time needed for assembly of the whole turbine and mounting on the ground will be around 20 minutes. After dismounting no relevant trace will be left to the environment. The solution will have considerable lower cost than rigid constructions (only 20-50% of the price of existing solutions). Our solution will greatly reduce procedures of obtaining operating permits to minimum (none in most cases) in comparison with the fixed constructions. We will develop the completely new innovative design Darrieus wing wind turbine which will use the constraints and advantages of the chlorosulfonated polyethylene based inflatable components such as dynamic stabilization of turbine for vibration reduction. Solution will have system of automatic deflation of blades in wind speeds exceeding critical level and improvement of air particles leak from the wear critical areas. We will use elements of cross tubular construction where Venturi effect eliminates backpressure on the return side of the rotor, which increases the overall torque. Design will also extract the wind power via adhesion in addition to the classic drag and lift extraction. Incorporated will be magnetically levitated bearings and microstructures with tiny grooves for reduction of air flow noise. However the development of planned solutions is related also with several very demanding technological challenges. One being the adjustment of geometry from the strengths point of view. Second will be achievement of small radius geometry at the rear wing tips, third durability of the material in the turbulent fluid flow condition, etc. In order to solve these challenges we have formed a project consortium that combines all the expertise needed. Turboinštitut, d.d. is a middle sized company that is since its founding in 1948 become one of the Europe's top developers of turbines, Professional Flying Team GmbH is a Europe's leading research and development firm in the area of use of inflatable components in the kites, Kimfly d.o.o. is leading Slovenian developer and producer of paragliders with the knowledge of use of flexible aerodynamical constructions in the turbulent fluid environment, Primum d.o.o. is developer of special sails for sailing boats with specific knowledge of mixed rigid and membrane constructions. We will offer a low cost, easily operable, mobile production of electricity in various parts of the word. Therefore we aim at the huge global market opportunity and plan to reach sales of 2500 units and 5.5 mio EUR of total revenue in only 4 years after the development is of this solution is completed. In addition to that we will develop new applications and scale-up models for which we aim to double the sales and market share in the given period. Business results will reflect in new employments within the project consortium partners. Development of WIND-4-ALL wind turbine will have considerable multiplication effects. We expect that it will open a new opportunites in wind turbines development from technological approach (use flexible and inflatable components) and from concept approach (offer of low cost, easy accessible solutions for mass use).
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6 781
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400 000.00€
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Wind energy
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