Configurable open platform for energy efficiency management

Development of advanced methods and metrics for measurement and management of energy consumption. Advanced functions and capabilities will be developed and incorporated in the new software product energymanager for energy management for industry and bigger buildings.

The research focus of the EE-COP project are innovative and advanced models, algorithms, key performance indicators and expert management elements based on self-learning systems for on-line measurement and management of energy consumption packed into four versions of software product based on open-platform. Advanced functions and capabilities are included to assist energy management towards lower energy consumption, more efficient energy systems, less environmental damage and increased share in renewable energy sources. The main result of the EE-COP project will be a new software product EnergyManager (prototype) for energy management for industry and bigger buildings. EnergyManager will be comprehensive configurable and modular software product with several advanced functionalities implemented: (a) Advanced acquisition of physical energy consumption measurements, production data (to analyze energy consumption per product type), daily outdoor air temperatures, and number of occupants per hour. Possibilities for manual data entry are included. (b) Configurable energy management KPI model. (c) Full functional support for internal energy production and green spaces, carbon environmental impact and lower CO2 emission initiatives. (d) Embedded notification and alarming engine. (e) The system is based on web based application framework which delivers several unique features, such as full configurability for system integrators, possibility to build custom user interface elements and add content without coding, forward and backward compatibility and easy maintenance. (f) Advanced functions based on principles of artificial intelligence and self-learning. (g) KPI simulator: a tool for energy managers to simulate different energy consumption scenarios and analyze selected efficiency indicators. The EE-COP project is focused on the specialized niche of advanced energy management solutions for industry and buildings. The main differentiation from other suppliers of specialized energy management solutions in this market niche are summarized as follows: (a) System is based on configurable and open platform-independent application framework. (b) System contains comprehensive energy management functionalities including some advanced functions based on principles of artificial intelligence and simulation which bring unique added value to the end users and guaranty quick ROI. (c) Use of platform independent application framework allows us to aggressively target system integrator market: we are selling a product, system integrators customize the system, focus on content and value relevant for particular end user and finally sell a solution to its end user. Using this approach we can bring EnergyManager technology to much wider end-user base. EE-COP is a collaborative research and development project. The partners on this project are: (a) Slovenian company Metronik, the main participant of the EE-COP project is already present in the niche of energy management solutions for industry and building sector. Successfull installations of Metronik solutions for Energy Management in recognized companies prove Metronik competence in this field. One company (Premogovnik Velenje) got the reward as the most energy efficient company in Slovenia, also thanks to installed Metronik solution. Furthermore, Metronik is the leading system integrator for process control and automation for industry and building sector in the region. Metronik has 59 employees and has its internal R&D group Metronik Razvoj, which has successfully finished over 50 R&D projects. Metronik has the annual turnover of 6,88 million EUR (2010) and invests 13,1% of annual income in R&D projects. Metronik has know-how about industry and building market requirements as well as knowledge about energy management. Metronik can use it in the joined project EE-COP and share it with partner ServiTecno. (b) Italian company ServiTecno is present in industry and building sector in Italy where it cooperates with many recognized companies. ServiTecno’s target is to provide best of class value based technology to the Italian industrial and building market. Their expertise is also in development a strong network of loyal system integrators. Through the joined project EE-COP, ServiTecno will get know-how about energy management software market and position itself also as a both distributor of EnergyManager and solution provider using EnergyManager. Taking into account the modularity and scalabillity of the system, its open architecture and configurability as well as advanced functionalities for energy efficiency management, EnergyManager is assumed to be the first such software product in this specialized niche market. Using EnergyManager solutions for energy management will help customers identify opportunities to save energy, measure impact of actions and track ongoing progress, therefore use of EnergyManager will lead into lower energy consumption and less environmental damage.
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6 789
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640 000.00€
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Energy management
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