Renewable energy heat station

Renewable energy heat station with improved concept of air conditioning and comfort based on renewable energy sources for residential houses. Plug and play modular design. All in one concept with included heat storage and distribution module and smart electronic control unit.

Renewable energy heat station will introduce improved concept of air conditioning and comfort based on renewable energy sources for single or two-family dwellings. New improved concept will include combining four main functionalities into one compact device. Combined functionalities of heating, cooling, heat distribution and central management will present all the advantages of a central-management compact system which will result in better efficiency and cost-effective design of the new generation of heat stations. New improved concept of air conditioning and comfort will be implemented in a prototype of a renewable energy heat station with following highlights: A compact – modular heating/cooling unit: The construction of the heating unit will be carried out so that it will be possible to add on to individual modules as one sees fit, all of them being basically independent of each other. These modules include heat pump, heat storage and heat distribution (or hydraulic module). Together, all three modules will comprise a so-called “plug and play” performance, which will drastically reduce the need for additional installations in the boiler room. This kind of installation will be very simple and fast, and will allow the installers more time to maintain a high level of quality while carrying out other installations. Using the most advanced and yet commercially interesting components: All of the components of the device will be chosen based on the lowest possible consumption for their class. For distribution we will use circulation pumps with continual adjustments to current needs. The compressor, fans and pumps will be the latest models with brushless electronically commutated motors (ECM). These ECMs represent a technologically innovative technology, and are currently making their way into all applications of electromotive industry. Taking advantage of recent findings of thermodynamics: A constant problem with standard heat pumps is achieving the high temperature of 68°C and the efficiency of the system with those kinds of functions (e.g. heating with radiators, heating sanitary water, the implementation of anti-legionella measures). For that reason we feel that under these conditions we can substantially improve the adaptation of the cooling system with cold-vapour injections to the compressor head. Furthermore, to improve stability of evaporator and condenser we will use different matrix of panels in plate condenser and a two-stage coolant distributor. These methods will allow us to lower the temperature of evaporation for at least 1.5°K and reduce overheating of coolant for 3-4 °C. User friendly control unit with colour touch screen interface with build-in help: Renewable Energy Heat station will include a central control unit to manage the entire regulation system. Control unit will be based on industrial microcontroller unit with colour LCD and capacitive touch screen interface. Graphical interface will provide user with all the information needed to perform management and control of the heat station. In case of problems it will also include smart interactive help system that will ease up diagnosing and solving potential problems. Control unit will also provide user with remote web access with the ability to upgrade firmware. One of the more important features of the control unit is the possibility to connect the heat station to other supervision systems and thus enabling the heat station to become part of a larger system, e.g. Smart House or SCADA systems and the feature of remote management of the heat station via broadband internet connection. Control unit will also perform logging of device functional parameters which will be available to the manufacturer for further analysis. Environmentally friendly construction: The construction of the heat station will be in accordance with the “Cradle to Cradle” philosophy, which was put forth by German chemist Michael Braungart and American architect William McDonough. According to the philosophy there is no waste, but all is stored in either the biosphere or technosphere. For this purpose it is essential that the device can be easily and quickly disassembled and separated into its component materials, which will then be easily recycled. It will be of key importance to us to choose materials which are simple to recycle, and which will not lose quality through recycling. One type of device, regardless of the heat source: Renewable heat station will basically be ground source heat pump, but with additional modules we will make it possible to take advantage of the heat stored in underground water, rocks, the earth, in the air, and directly from the sun. The heat station will also have the capability of taking advantage of heat from different sources simultaneously, depending on the temperature of the source. The overall goal of our project is that the development of this prototype will lead to the development of a series of new products.
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6 790
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570 000.00€
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Heat pump, cooling technologies
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Other Energy

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