Research and development of multifunctional service oriented applications

The subject of research and development in the project is the creation of new original system for the implementation and administration of the operation of applications which will be implemented according to soa concept. The output will be a complex "organisation system",including "monitoring"

SW tools for the processing and use of data are at the present time absolutely essential for the effective and fluent operation of firms and institutions in all conceivable industries. Practically no company can operate today without IT. Moreover, over time they become more specialized in favour of their users and this brings additional demands for HW and the time necessary for processing. Support services of the operation of information systems and the hardware background of the infrastructure are necessary means for ensuring their reliability and availability. Without them, it is not possible to implement and operate new computers and applications, build network infrastructures, implement information systems up to the operation of IT and its security. It is understandable that users of IT systems want to minimize or fully eliminate worries relating to their acquisition, operation and maintenance. Most small and medium sized firms do not have an independent IT department with the capacity to operatively resolve problems of IT systems. What is needed to resolve these issues, mostly antagonistic requirements, is proposals for new IT conceptions and system architectures. Definitions of the objective and expected contributions of the project At present, one of the most sophisticated concepts is the so-called Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Systems according to the SOA concept integrate inter-operable services which can be used in several independent systems in various areas of a business which can then communicate through defined interfaces and communication infrastructure. The objective of the project is the proposal of such a SOA system which will provide the concept for the creation of complicated applications from a series of simple application elements, and provide a manual on how these elements will function within more complicated solutions and how they will communicate with each other. The subject of research and development in the project is the creation of a new original system for the implementation and administration of the operation of applications implemented according to the SOA concept. The output will be a complex “Organisation system”, including “Monitoring tools”. On the basis of the implemented solution, higher productivity of the application of new systems will be achieved (and their new versions) and an increase in the quality of operated systems. Compared with competitors’ solutions, our solution will be more pragmatic, will provide more concrete techniques (from definition of standards, through methodological procedures, up to concrete functions for configuration of services and monitoring of the operation of individual services). The supported technologies will be defined and we will take into consideration technologies with the highest ratio in the target oriented segment of the IT market. This enables the achievement of, among other things, the maximum simplicity of its use which will eliminate initial business barriers. The new product will be scalable from the viewpoint of trade and function and will be targeted at the market where the value of the order of the delivered IT solution for end users starts at EUR 10,000.
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6 842
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1 220 000.00€
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Information Technology/Informatics
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Other services (not elsewhere classified)

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