Hydrostatic system to energy recovery for commercial vehicles

The project is aimed at research and development of a new product - a hydrostatic system to energy recovery system for commercial vehicles working in a cyclic operation.

The project is oriented on research and development of a new product - a hydrostatic system to energy recovery (recovery hydrostatic module - next only: RHM) at breaking and start moving of commercial vehicles using control to energy transfer optimization based on mathematical modeling of the system activity. The team of researchers is convinced that it is necessary to solve economy of commercial vehicles operation - an actual theme that this segment of market offers in a given situation of economy of commercial vehicles. In the last years, the price of crude oil and petrol is extraordinary high. This reality is connected with the contemporary worldwide economic depression where both factors influence each other. Consumption of energy became a basic theme and effort to lower the consumption is a trend in the whole world. The energy recovery systems come in centre of attention. The RHM to energy recovery at braking and starting of commercial vehicles will be suggested at first and created in an experimental model form on which a mathematical-physical analyses will be carried out and corresponding mathematical models of energy recovery courses will be created. Results received by means of this activity will be transfered on the suggested RHM of the real commercial machine and a testing equipment with energy transfer optimization will be realized on it. The basic idea of this system is to use the kinetic energy of the braked vehicle which is commonly lost by braking and useless changed in warm. This will be done by the change of the kinetic energy to hydraulic energy that will be used at the following start of the vehicle. In this way, the load of the combustion motor can be reduced, the saving of fuel can reach to till 25 % together with increasing of economic effectiveness, reliability and ecologic improvement of operation. This system is especially suitable in vehicles working in frequent cycle braking-start as e. g. forklift trucks, city busses, garbage trucks, rollers etc. Beside of economic and ecologic advantages that brings this system another advantages could be mentioned: - quick releasing of the accumulated energy for start moving of the vehicle and thus a greater acceleration of the vehicle and drive comfort improving - a continuous course of the draught force during start moving in the course of gear change - brakes wear lowering e. t. c. The output of the project will be a prototype of the new recovery hydrostatic module which will be tested on real conditions of a chosen type of the vehicle. The market application of results will follow the successful realization and the confirmation of claimed parameters. The economic importance of the suggested project follows from the possibility of very wide use of project outputs as a new kind of ecologic drive on the global market. The main field of the practical use of the technical solution according this project is especially the mobile equipment as e. g.: - forklift trucks - garbage trucks - city busses - railway vehicles (locomotives) - building machines, e. g. rollers working on asphalt surface or bedrock of roads and another vehicles working in a cyclic operation.
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7 159
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1 090 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Unconventional and Alternative Energies
Market Area: 
Motor Vehicles, Transportation Equipment and Parts

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