Glass on led 3dtv

Glass on led 3dtv project objective is to provide seamless unique 3d design, which is maximising all in one appearance and protecting module, improving visual by reducing outdoor reflection, it is new concept optical component that realise the multiple design for customer's needs.

GLASS ON LED 3D TV, is an international project, which is aimed to perform as a common research and development activity of Vestel, Woosung ve Cabot Bristol Companies. The project goal is to increase current visual performance of 3D TVs especially in size of 40", 46" and 55" to make the costumer's expectation satisfied. For this purpose, this High-End TV concept project provides new technical and technological innovation in the panel side with hardware and software studies. In order to protect LCD Panel from exterior impact and reduce exterior reflection, the front glass assembly is applied in front of TV. By using Gravia or Silk printing instead of previously used thick Bezel of Plastic Frame, 3D TV is produced thinner, wider display and boarderless that will make higher concentration on video. Components detail 1) Glass : For better visual quality, soda lime glass is used instead of glass. This soda lime glass has 92% transparent ratio. 2) TAC Film : Glass can be dangerous component when it is broken fragments reach customers. To prevent this, TAC film is used for 3D TV. These films are not only for protecting broken fragments but also for hard coating to prevent scratch and AR coating to reduce light reflection to improve watching TV quality. After putting of all parts together, the transparent ratio improves up to 98%. Properties of target concept can be summarized as below: - High visual quality closed to real - Supporting concept for the thinner TV applications - High hardness (2H-3H) to prevent to be scratched - AR coated to reduce light reflection - Anti-pollution coated to clean any pollution easly during or after use. - Minimizing the outdoor light and improve the black light level with using functional film - Touch screen TV concept - Low-affected by environment condition thanks to anti-UV/IR featured thin-coated film - Anti-condensation featured functional film with hydrophilic improved - Protecting for LCD Modul - Logo Lighting / Edge Coloring This project concludes feasibility studies and project management, Glass on TV Front glass panel concept, Glass on TV mechanic studies, hardware and software concept studies, optical hardware studies and R & D Test stages.
Project ID: 
7 177
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Project Duration: 
Project costs: 
1 000 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Audiovisual Equipment and Communication technology
Market Area: 
Commercial Communications

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