Smart distribution platform

Developing a platform that can direct deliveries automatically to the exact locations by android controlled robotics in pre-distribution operation processes. Creating a control mechanism that can read dispatch labels/bar codes with ocr while parsing the addresses through geo-coding at back office.

Today, mail delivery sector has been accelerated by fast-growing transportation and communication technologies. Cargo and courier companies are in a time-based competition and the main goal is defined as the fastest and the most accurate delivery process. One of the only ways to keep pace with this velocity is the integration of modern technologies into the delivery operations. Pre-distribution operations which are made manually can cause wrong parsed addresses and retardations. Intense work paces can increase the rate of errors, also leading to the inefficiency. In this context, our project idea is developing a dispatching machine that can direct deliveries automatically to the exact locations by Android controlled robotics in pre-distribuiton operation processes. A control mechanism will be created that can read despatch labels/barcodes with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology while geo-coding and parsing the addresses through GIS (Geographical Information Systems) at back office. A smart distribution platform will be built and managed through SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) philosophy. For remote controlling the machine and transferring data, a mobile application will be also developed. A functional web interface will be created that can manage the processes such as address parsing, geographically coding, data sending and task assigning. It includes all map components with enhanced visual quality with 3D modeling. New flexible BI solutions and management skills via map-based interfaces will be produced hereby. The general mechanism of this platform is as follows; 1- While deliveries move along the band of dispatching machine, the camera captures the address or barcode on the despatch. Then, the camera having OCR technology reads and defines the address text/barcode on the despatch and sends the data to the server. Even if there is no barcode on the despatch, the system recognizes nonetheless and standardizes the address text as printing a new barcode. 2- Geo-coding and address parsing processes of the defined location are performed and it is determined to which box the despatch should be directed. 3- Android controlled robotic system makes the routing depending on the exact location to be transported to. 4- After the packaging process is performed automatically, deliveries are sorted out as district-based and so the pre-distribution operation process is completed. General purposes of our project are as follows; - Eliminating incorrect deliveries and retardations caused by manual pre-distribution operations. - Preventing inefficiency born of intense paces of work. - Creating a transparent and controllable work environment for pre-delivery operations. - Building efficient and satisfactory business functions with accelerated operations. - Generating a robotic control system blending the low-level and high-level technologies. - Forming a functional map based web interface that can control and manage the whole system at back office through the modular infrastructure of SOA. - Serving this web interface to all sectors which need field operation managements by enhancing the map components such as address parsing and geo-coding with 3D modeling. - Creating new and flexible BI solutions and opportunities through GIS and map-based control systems. Main platform targets are as follows; - Android controlled robotic systems - OCR technology - SOA - Geo-coding and address parsing with GIS - Assembling high and low-level codifications
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1 570 000.00€
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