Natural bio-active compounds for therapeutically textiles

The aim of this project is to develop technical textile functionalised with natural bio-active compounds design for life quality improvement.

Technical textiles are defined as comprising all those textile based products which are used principally due to their performance or functional characteristics. Creation of new features and functionalities of textile products through developing of new materials and technologies is the main objective of the project. The products with added value, particularly medical clothing and gauze, cellulite stockings and diabetic socks, and resulting from the cooperation between the partners of this consortium will contribute to the increase of the competitiveness of Romanian and South Korean textiles SMEs and consolidation of their market position through the support and development of the Spanish company based on the access of all companies to R&D infrastructure from each country. The specific objectives of the project consist of the followings: - highlighting of current and future national and European / international potential of textile products to improve quality of life and the achievement of specific technologies, - design, obtaining of cosmetic / medical formulations as bioactive microcapsules based on collagen and plant extracts / essential oils and novel purifying violacein; - obtaining of products with optimized and functionalized potential by using of some specific technologies for textile processing, - design, development of different knitted products with high added value through functionalisation of textile materials with bio-active compounds based on collagen hydrolisates - experimental models, - testing of the functionalized textiles with plant extracts / essential oils and novel purifying violacein in vitro and in vivo before their omologation; - establishing, testing, validation and elaboration of technical documentation for prototypes and introducing them in manufacturing, - presentation and demonstration of functionality and utility of the new products. Having in total about 69 million inhabitants with an increased interest in health care issues, Romania and Spain form a big market in Europe; at this we all add about 67 millions inhabitants in South Korea and 48 million in Turkey. Their increased industrial potential and attractive business environment will contribute to development of the companies in order to augment their potential as suppliers of EU market of technical textiles for consumers.
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7 214
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1 400 000.00€
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Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)

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