Method for the manufacturing of polymer heat exchangers

To develop manufacturing methods to enable simpler and more
cost effective air/air plate heat exchangers with higher
efficiency than conventional exchangers using polymer

The aim of the project is to develop a new type of polymer air/air plate heat exchanger and the duration needed to execute the project will be 36 months. A Feasibility Study will be carried out to see how the manufacturing method works on a small-scale prototype. The study will also try to estimate the potential market for the product, analyse substitute products and customer needs. The Definition Phase will lead to the formulation of a secrecy agreement to protect technological information that will be exchanged between companies, together with the formalisation of the cooperative contribution to the future development project. The Implementation Phase will begin with the research phase, comprising theoretical studies aiming towards solutions to different project issues. Next will come the Development Phase with the application of research results, aiming towards the construction of a final product. When a prototype has been constructed, it will be thoroughly tested in a real-life environment during the Initial Exploitation Phase. Finally, the product will be marketed on a big scale during the Full Exploitation Phase.
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2 500 000.00€
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