Automatic monitoring center back-up sources and switchgear

Amcus is a device that would plague as automatic monitoring center ups and switchgear.

The project aims to build a monitoring center over 1) UPS - Gen Sets - UPS - CBS (central battery emergency lighting systems) - DC Resources - Rechargeable batteries 2) control and monitoring systems of substations - PLC - Multimeters - COMPENSATION As has been stated many times, most of us, often without us realizing it is increasingly dependent on energy resources. One of the gateways to the world of energy is electrical energy, whether in the form of a certain article in the lamp in the socket or flat. Often, however, the supply of electric energy and human life depends. He rarely realize in real life, in how many cases it is. It is not only resuscitation or intensive care units in hospitals, many are smaller or larger device from the traffic light at the intersection of power to vital equipment in the tunnel on the highway. Where they are important or very important circuits dependent on the public grid electricity, measures should be implemented in case of power supplies with independent power supply. The independent sources of electricity to keep in mind that it is only a device that can be a fault without operator intervention. For example, in low oil or fuel preheating or malfunction of MTG in the winter months, ending the life of UPS batteries, etc. In case of failure by the operator for immediate action, the independent power supply will not work in case of power failure could cause irreparable damage to property, but also on people's lives. AMCUS is a device that would plague as automatic monitoring center UPS and switchgear. His task will be to collect all data on the activities of backup system, such as UPS, MTG, CBS, DC power and not least a rechargeable battery. Comparing the measured and the data received by remote communication via Internet or GSM, there will be to evaluate and inform the operator of any system errors or failures on each device that will be incorporated into the monitoring system AMCUS. To help evaluate the individual information that can be obtained from the system AMCUS monitored by remote communication devices, will be in time to inform the control room as well as servicing facilities. Information can be transmitted via SMS, email or alarm control unit to display an independent power source. We must reckon with the fact that each device has a different type of communication protocol chosen by the manufacturer. It is necessary to create a council for each protocol converter from various devices and then convert everything to one universal protocol (eg Modbus, PROFIBUS, or SNMP). Given that today there is no uniform system (protocol), which would be possible to monitor and control all these devices, and each manufacturer into your product implements its communications protocol, we want to develop converters with drivers for most common types of drives with data transfer Furthermore some of the known protocols for use in surveillance data centers. AMCUS not just a monitoring center, but also multi language (protocol) devices, which currently has no competition. In the current market is not in the available information, no similar facility. At the end of the project we should be able to provide a uniform way surveillance and control of various types of equipment for the needs of operators and service both online (warning the operator at fault and non-standard conditions) and retrospectively with the assessed data via Internet or mobile network, server application and then further on personal computers and mobile phones.
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7 621
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1 340 000.00€
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Industrial Equipment and Machinery

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