The development of a collection- and storage system for renewable energy.

To design such green energy collecting technology that can meet all the needs of a family.
the consortium is made up by 1 hungarian and 1 slovakian sme. The project contains 3 innovative points and is going to be carried out in 12 months' time.

The overall objective of the project is - the one also formulated by the European Union for - the development of a new type of energy producing and storage system for household purposes with higher utilization factor of renewable energy sources. Renewable energy production and utilization today is a field of great interest with high significance. Many projects deal with finding solutions for the arisen technical difficulties and the number of projects already profiting from renewable sources is even more significant. Grid connected systems are gradually saturating electric distribution transformers. According to power network experts green energy production should not exceed the total electric-energy production’s 20% because this could cause damages in the network’s control. The most developed countries have come close to this rate. Another problem is that the present economic crisis has consumed the sources that covered the extra high costs of green energy procurement. In Spain for instance the building of new wind energy parks has been stopped and other countries can be expected to take similar measures. Due to these macroeconomic processes the future can be forecasted in favour of Off-Grid systems and of those hybrid green-energy systems which do not work stochastically but are able to transfer energy to power systems in a projected way. Our project effects exactly the type of the hybrid system in which energy input may be exposed to adverse weather conditions, yet the output can be optimized to requirements. The basic idea was that of solving energy supply, while the idea of the ‘container’ originated from waste treatment. The containers are left in the harbours, they will not be processed. The re-use of these shipping-containers has been started on different paths all over the world (they are being re-used as dwellings for living, offices, etc.), we hereby will present a new method for their re-use. An idea for further development is to design operation by remote control. The professional part of our idea is presented in detail in the next section. Summing up the results we can state that our selected task is complex and a novelty because on the one hand we intend to use in the highest possible proportion components available in the market (e.g. solar cells), on the other hand we have not only aimed energy production but energy storage as well. In case the technological/technical details are solved we will be able to construct a network-independent, self-supplying unit. Conclusively our aim is the development of a complex, energy-collecting appliance using the lowest possible budget, working with the highest possible efficiency and within the shortest deadline in maximum 12 months’ time.
Project ID: 
7 649
Start date: 
Project Duration: 
Project costs: 
380 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Energy Storage and Transport
Market Area: 
Solar energy

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