Intelligent&energy saving me1-class street lighting luminaire and luminaire monitoring & control system

Integrated set of system components including state-of-the-art me1 class led based street lighting fixture, a communication and control gateway that will exchange information with a (mesh) network of luminaires and the street lighting monitoring and control software

The Product: Smart ME1 Street lighting luminaires integrated with an innovative control and monitoring system for management of energy efficiency. Ale had developed a ME1 Street light luminaire. The product is conventional solution, that focused on optical solutions only. The product was successfully installed in several places and the reaction is very positive as the advantages of it are beyond any other product in the market today. Due to the users' needs and specific requests, the company is taking it to the next stage, with additional features and a smart energy efficient solutions, that will enable any local operators/ Local Electric administrators to view and fully control the system remotely. Ale and K-Profi will combine the needed development investment and technological efforts in order to provide the above solution. Ale will complete the development of the basic product, add an additional mechanical and electrical features that is most requested by the European Union lighting and street lighting regulations, and develop a software to monitor local network. K-Profi will participate in development of the Management and Control Software for Energy Efficiency, as well as full development of an enhanced interface (server and client) and a user friendly management tools. K-Profi will be in charge of the full integration of the product, and also run and manage a full test of the complete product. This work includes the last touch-ups before the official product declaration. The project will start with a preliminary phase of threee months conducted by Ale to define system requirements, and upgrading the luminaire. After this phase, both companies will begin the design phase. Both parties will market the complete product in their region, and will lead the implementation work at the clients site. Product Description: Smart ME1 Street light Luminary and Management/control software Improvements of technical infrastructure to enable support of large scale systems (Cities, towns, highways etc.) This is a multi disciplinary project. In terms of defining the deliverables of the project we are going to stick to the European Union lighting and street lighting regulations and rules that are described in CIE140-2000, CEN/TR 13201-1, CIE 115-1995, IEC 598-1,2,3 and also take the technical requirements such as surround ratio (SR) specification, average luminance (Lave), overall uniformity of luminance (U0), longitudinal uniformity of luminance, (UI), as well as a threshold increment (TI). In order to define the technical deliverables of the products, we will also make sure that the product will pass the following electrical and mechanical standards EN 60598, EN 573-3 ve EN 755-2, IEC 60331-3-11, VDE 0473-814 | E 90, EN 12150-1 ve BS 3193, EN55015, EN61347-1, EN61347-2-13, EN60950-1. Please see below the technologies we are going to use in the various components of the finished integrated solution: 1) An LED based ME1 class street lighting fixture with state-of-the-art optical, cooling and light source system that is going to achieve 130lm/w efficiency and 70.000 hours product life according to L70 standards. 2) The driver will have power factor of 0, 92+, efficiency of %93 with an active power correction functionality, short circuit protection, over temperature protection and over current protection. It supposed to meet the IP66, EN61001, EN55015, EN61347-1, EN61347-2-13, EN60950-1 standards. 3) Central intelligence system (CIS) in each fixture in order to monitor, record and control (with command from the light control software and gateway) the energy consumption, number of hours operated, light output and any potential system failures. The CIS will also manage the information from the daylight, movement sensors. After having stored the sensor data into its Eeprom, the CIS will submit the information to the ZigBee wireless communication module of the fixture that will send the information via mesh network to the gateway. 4) Lighting control and data gateway unit in order to gather the luminaire related information (energy consumption, number of hours operated) but also traffic related information (with the help of the sensor unit that will be designed by us) from a set (i.e. 100) of luminaries and send it to the light control and management unit (light management software and database) and run the same operation the other direction when the command comes from the software. 5) The electronic and mechatronic integration of a photovoltaic panel and a sun tracking systems option with the rest of the solution. The project offers an opportunity for both members to capitalize on their respective know-how and penetrate new markets with a superior product. Each party will keep its own IP rights, while If new IP will be developed covering integration of the product, each party will own the IP part that was develop by it. Both companies are expected to enjoy a revenue increase as a result of this cooperation.
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7 656
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Project Duration: 
Project costs: 
540 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Rational use of energy
Market Area: 
Energy Conservation Related

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