Development and manufacturing of nanostructured anchor bolts made of low cost stainless steel

New technology will be developed for stainless steel concrete anchors production by thermomechanical processing of low ni and ni-free steel grades to reach the best balance between the anchor cost and its performance (1200-1500 mpa tensile strength, 10-12% elongation, high corrosion resistance)

There are many commercially available SS steels that have exhibited the capability of achieving high strength. Many of these alloys have not been seriously considered for fastener applications due to their cost or availability as coil or bar product. However, because new designs, increased material requirements, and high strength constructions are being built, the need to improve performance continues to be a major issue. For many years, the SS steel wire and rod producers have worked with the fastener manufacturers (in particular, with JVST Co) to develop a corrosion resistant SS steel fastener that could replace the higher strength steel fasteners. The JVST Co has taken a stepwise approach over the years with an initial target being a fastener with a 800 MPa tensile strength, with the ultimate goal being a SS steel fastener with a 1500 MPa tensile strength. Even if only the initial target strengths can be achieved, there is still an opportunity for significant weight savings of construction. The quest for high strength continues today in an even stronger way than in the past. The development of forging – thermal processing (TP) technology of low cost (low Ni and Ni free) stainless steels will result in manufacturing of Concrete Wedge Anchors, Sleeve Anchors, Screw Anchors, Lag Shield Anchors, etc. The main Project goal is to develop cold/warm forging technology of low Ni and Ni-free stainless steel concrete anchors manufacturing by applying solution (annealing) and stress relief treatment to reach the best balance between the anchor cost and its mechanical and corrosion performance. This goal will be reached though the solution of the following tasks: • Development of solution and stress relief treatment of the cost effective SS steels such as 12% Cr steels, and Ni-free stainless steels containing manganese to achieve their good workability and corrosion resistance; • Development of cold forging and warm thread screw rolling technologies to achieve cost effective manufacturing and high properties of the SS steel concrete anchors: 1200-1500 MPa tensile strength, 10-12% elongation; • Development of cold forging tool multilayer nanostructured self-lubricating coatings to achieve a high life time of the tool due to continuous solid lubrication of the contact interface; • wide range tests of the developed SS steel anchor cold forging technology in the real industrial conditions, optimization of tool design and coating, concrete anchor corrosion and exploitation tests; • development of measures for successful introduction of novel SS steel cold forged products on the market within 1-2 years after the Project completion. The main partner of the Consortium is a R&D performing SME J-VST from Czech Republic. J-VST is specialized in cold forging and warm thread screw rolling technologies including development and production of anchor bolts and fasteners. The main goals of J-VST are: (1) introduction on the market of the new low Ni and Ni-free SS steel concrete anchors with high pitting corrosion resistance; (2) increase of SS steels workability and mechanical properties, and improvement of the SS steel cold forging and warm thread screw rolling technologies economic efficiency. Main involvement of J-VST is:(1) optimization of new cold forging and warm thread screw rolling technologies and their industrial testing by manufacturing SS steel concrete anchors and evaluation of their corrosion properties;(2) micro- nanostructures characterization of low Ni and Ni-free SS steels to optimize TP technology, (3) evaluation of mechanical properties of anchor bolts and fasteners. The research partner from Poland (Metal Forming Institute, INOP) will perform: (1) development of thermal processing (solution and stress relief treatment) and severe deformation technology of low Ni and Ni-free SS steels, (2) INOP will develop and try the route of new cold/warm forging technology based on combination of SS steel solution and stress relief treatment and severe deformation processing steps; (3)INOP will perform dissemination of new technology for structural components production in Poland and other European countries. The R&D performing SME Gazela (coating center) from Slovenia will perform deposition of nanocrystalline coating on cold forging and warm thread screw rolling tools and it will introduce new coating technology on the market. The goal of Gazela is to develop the concept of multilayer nanocomposite self-lubricating coatings using the hybrid PVD/CVD technology. 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7 694
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Project costs: 
880 000.00€
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Iron and Steel, Steelworks
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Naval Transport, Ships, Boats

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