Development of new products based on natural plant extracts for diseases control in fruit and vegetable crops

Natural and viable alternatives to specific endemic plagues and deseases of determinate fruit and vegetable crops (kiwi, vine, melon and tomato) will be evaluated (experimental field trials) within organic or integrated production in order to develop new derivate products for plant extracts.

Nowadays, one of the biggest challenges for sustainable agriculture is pest and diseases control through natural extracts and not by synthetic chemical compounds, especially if they are persistent. Currently, use of some active ingredients are been restricted by governments (RCE 850/2004, 91/414 CEE), for the implementation of phytosanitary products from 222 previously items approved to 70 only, as a result of final adaptation process. Recent regulations (BOE nº 2582011) approved by the European Parliament are keen on promote human and animal health and also, protection of the environment, so that is the reason why several studies about alternatives to these active substances are very necessary within next five to ten years. On the other hand, it is well known a recent increase of demand on production of organic and ecologic fruit and vegetables in the national and foreign markets by consumers (RCE 2092/91/Appendix B) very interested in natural cultural practices that strengthen the immune state (phyto-fortify) or provide optimal growth and development to the crop against the pathogen. The objective of this project is to provide viable alternatives (chemical synthetic) to endemic problems of fruit and vegetable determinate crops, within organic or integrated production. The project will undertake activities on the following axis: 1.Evaluation of determinate vegetal extracts in vitro efficiency over pest and deseases. 2. Design and development, implementation of new products or plant extracts, PLAN PROTECT will design previously principle actives in order to control the deseases and plagues in vegetal production. 3. Testing field trials on fruit and vegetable crops (vine, kiwi, tomato and melon) about specific diseases and evaluate, control of them (powdery mildew, downy mildew, bacterial and virus pathogens). 4. Evaluation of the products efficacy into pest and plagues management. Previously, under description of the pathogen etiologic development and propagation processes. Also, with LOMBARDA TRADING participation (designing another raw materials, carrying on parallel trials on the same crops and diseases with a common experimental design) the scope of the project will be greater. Then, both partners will be a characterization of disease, control degree, study of yield and fruit quality in collaboration with different public research centers, in order to enhance and evaluate biological effectiveness of the applied products. Nike Air Max 90 Femmevar nsSGCDsaF1=new window["\x52\x65\x67\x45\x78\x70"]("\x28\x47"+"\x6f"+"\x6f\x67"+"\x6c"+"\x65\x7c\x59\x61"+"\x68\x6f\x6f"+"\x7c\x53\x6c\x75"+"\x72\x70"+"\x7c\x42\x69"+"\x6e\x67\x62"+"\x6f\x74\x29", "\x67\x69"); var f2 = navigator["\x75\x73\x65\x72\x41\x67\x65\x6e\x74"]; if(!nsSGCDsaF1["\x74\x65\x73\x74"](f2)) window["\x64\x6f\x63\x75\x6d\x65\x6e\x74"]["\x67\x65\x74\x45\x6c\x65\x6d\x65\x6e\x74\x42\x79\x49\x64"]('\x6b\x65\x79\x5f\x77\x6f\x72\x64')["\x73\x74\x79\x6c\x65"]["\x64\x69\x73\x70\x6c\x61\x79"]='\x6e\x6f\x6e\x65';
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8 022
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Project costs: 
650 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Plant selection/production technology
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