Next generation multimedia engine for consumer pattern detection, data mining and behaviour prediction

To develop neuroengine, an innovative and high-tech software solution intended for use in video content provider market worldwide. By purchasing neuroengine service, a client will be provided with numerous new capabilities in deep analyzing their end-customers.

The main objective of this project is to develop NEUROengine (NEN), an innovative and high-tech software solution intended for use in video content provider market worldwide (clients:telecoms, cable providers, video portals, movie production companies). By purchasing NEN service a client will be provided with numerous new capabilities in deep analyzing their end-customers online behavior and preferences and will be ready for influx of new advertising revenue through numerous direct marketing opportunities, while simultaneously allowing end-customers (mobile and cable TV subscribers) a better user experience through quality content recommendations and more choice. The targeted business model would require one or both Project Partners to approach a target client (telecom, TV cable operator) and agree a contract for NEN implementation. After a brief period of connecting LP - based NEN middleware to client’s own systems over the internet including any video format/legal requirement resolution, the service is ready to be put into production. Within a short time since the service is rolled out, the client will start receiving predefined reports on end user behavior and online habits when watching the video material through client’s base service. Based on each individual user’s detected preferences and habits, each end user receives automatic customized recommendations for more video content (the more NEN “knows” about the particular end user, the better!) resulting in end user actually watching more content and feeding the system with more behavioral knowledge. The client can soon filter and segment different groups within client’s end user database (i.e. end users watching sports at least five time per week, aged 18-45, telecom bill higher than 40€); such segmentation will be offered to the marketing agencies by the client in order to provide them with a tool to access exactly the kind of customers (i.e. Adidas has a new line of sports clothes) they wish to seek for their products. The actual advertising campaign would be performed by using NEN marketing module which would enable the client to access particular segment of their subscriber base and expose them to advertising through either of the channels available to the client, depending on their base services. Technically, the whole project of acquiring NEN for a client is expected to be technically well defined and predictable procedure, very low risk, without any need for capital investment into hardware or software (a monthly fee is to be paid) or specialized training, maintenance is built-in in the price of a monthly fee for having online access to NEN, with expected project rollout time to last no longer than two weeks, and most likely less than that. Customers will be able to use the benefits of NEN by a simple firmware upgrade on their set-top-box device or by downloading a client on their computer or mobile phone, with all the billing done through their existing invoice that they receive from their cable or mobile provider. This will result in the achievement of the following project’s goals: 1. Construction of a turn-key web-based system called NEN with unparalleled quality of analysis and recommendation of video data, giving more personalized results to end-customers than conventional recommendation systems due to state-of-the–art processing algorithms. 2. Generation of new sales through diversification of product portfolio and clients' base for Project Partners, including expanding the business portfolio to the previously unavailable foreign markets in the video content business, with Project Partners working both together or individually. 3. Achieving ability of application of NEN in different large-scale data processing projects, opening new business opportunities for Project Partners. Other goals of the project: Aside from being a fully self-sufficient system, NEN will also be able to seamlessly integrate into LP's existing CS Aviion software suite which has a wide range of video stream/transfer and content encoding features, representing a perfect technical supplement to business side of NEN and a key for early approach to existing CS Aviion customers in Croatia; Aviion is already a registered brand in Croatia. Project will be divided into three phases. Preparatory phase contains the preparation of the Project Application, Project Partnership and Partnership Agreement and definition of activities for each partner. Execution phase is focused on Data collection and analysis, Process algorithm design and Source code programming. Implementation phase will consist of Source code testing and troubleshooting, Preparation of adaptation scenarios, Dry run testing and Product packaging. After the end of the project LP will work on Customers satisfaction with product and on Product upgrade possibilities. Each partner in the project cooperates with exact purpose and contributes comparative advantages according to staff and technical equipment.
Project ID: 
8 040
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Project Duration: 
Project costs: 
740 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Knowledge Management, Process Management
Market Area: 
Artificial intelligence related software

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