Evaluation and visualisation of new business and production models for detached houses

By utilising modern ict-tools, a new business and production model is established in sweden and denmark. The concept is internationally viable.

In large parts of the world the development in the construction sector over the past decade have been negligible. Over the past decade major stakeholders in Sweden and Denmark have been engaged in large-scale innovation projects primarily relating to apartment buildings, but no commercial changes have yet taken place. However they have resulted in lot of knowledges and experiences. Construction of detached houses in Denmark and Sweden has normally a annually turnover of 2-3 billion Euro. The business models characterize a market with low profitability, high dependence on economic fluctuations and poor customer focus and safety. Sweden is dominated by some hundred similar prefabricated house manufacturers with limited opportunities for the buyer to participate in design and environmental impact - while this takes place in Denmark, but without connection to production. Before mentioned issues are reasons to why the Swedish and Danish manufacturers of prefabricated detached houses are again in an economical crisis. In the construction industry we see initiatives for using 3D CAD based on BIM (Building Information Model) and PDM (Product Data Management). These ICT applications may lead to significant benefits, but are far from implemented. A modern ICT-system for detached houses that supports a new business model have been developed in the project "EUREKA project E!7170 AChoice". Meanwhile, the project has shown that before it can make a greater impact commercially, the Achoice concept requires further technical development concerning visualisation and modularisation along with feedback from full scale testing of the prototype. This application addresses these new technical requirements. In parallel with this project but entirely separate, the applicants will prepare their future sales efforts. Studies indicate that this incentives will take substantial market shares within 3 years. This application is original based on a well-documented situation analysis from Sweden, Denmark, England and Japan among others. The concept is internationally expandable and provides the opportunity to alter market conditions in several areas of the construction industry. The Swedish and Danish Industry and academic partners and participants of this application are put together both to ensure optimun outcome from the development. Applicant company is a newly formed innovation company with proven expertise, experience, network and financial guarantees. The project is separate described in a detailed project plan in Swedish and Danish.
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8 047
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Project costs: 
440 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Design and Modeling / Prototypes
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Industrial Equipment and Machinery

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