New paradigm of processes and market services for garments of obese and elderly people

To develop a new manufacturing process, based on specific data, of garment for obese and elderly people. The paradigm is a network portal with modules/ libraries, as a guideline for designing and manufacturing fitting clothing. The network will make the joint producers-customers-market.

The goal of the project is to developed a new, innovative and interactive clothing production system and business model able to respond at several aspects of personalized products for obese and elderly people. The results of the project will contribute and will increase quality of life for target people with disproportionately body, obesity, asymmetric posture, deficient spinal, deficient joints by developing daily clothing with a better choice, fitting and functionality. Retail stores and fitting rooms are designed for people who are walking without restrictions, and clothing is constructed for people with standard body dimensions and figuration. The network role is to represent the joint of SME's garments producers for target people. in order to empowerment the competitiveness. Eurostat Newrelease 172/2011 mentions that among the 19 Member States for which data are available, the proportion of overweight and obese people in the adult population varied between 8.0% and 23.9% for women and between 7.6% and 24.7% for men. In all European countries, the population most affected by obesity is older than 65 years. Also, to Eurostat, older persons (65 or more years old) had a 17.4 % share of the EU-27’s population in 2010. The EU promotes the active inclusion and full participation of obese and elderly people in society, in line with the EU human rights. The problems of obese and elderly people and their needs will be identified in the project in order to design the most appropriate and comfortable clothes, that allow them to do daily activities. The project will address two design directions for clothing of target people: personalized clothes for people that can be measured by scanning or manually and standard clothing for people in wheelchairs or assets that can not move easily. The project will consider the aiding devices used e.g. to facilitate dressing and undressing for persons with restricted mobility and dexterity . The specific anthropometric reference data of this target population is necessary and essential. The technical application in the project consists in: - development of an 3D anthropometric data base for target people, investigation of the anthropometric data and characterization of bodies type, in order to enhance style and all design aspects including patterns design using special algorithms; - development of a Network Portal that will enable a new, innovative and interactive way of design, production and marketing of garments that will engage the customers, stylists, designers and producers based on the need of target customer. Web Portal should be designed to integrate the following modules: 3D anthropometric data obtained by body scanning; A set of anthropometric measurement tools, easily and inexpensively, delivered via Web platform to people that have not access to the 3D scanner (alternative to scan measuring); Sizing tables for this specific market; A CAD system; A library with specific body type of this target people; A special library of basic models correlated with the body type; An library with standard patterns; A data base of fabrics characteristics suitable for target people. The Network have a producers and customer interface. The new innovative manufacturing and service system will ensure the production of comfortable clothing, without neglecting aesthetics function and the price will be compatible to the standard price of clothing. This model system will be developed, implemented and tested in real industrial environments. The joint producer-customer-services will become an important part of the new type of business model . The project will provide tools to help garment companies maintain their global competitiveness. Using the information of network portal, the garments companies can obtain the fitted or individual patterns and optimize the existing sizing system for this market niche. In order to achieve objectives and getting results, the partners of consortium possess the complementary key qualifications: SMEs have expertize in design and production of women's and men's clothing (classic and casual); manufacturer of knitted underwear, day and sleep suits, leisure wear and knitted jackets. The research institutes are equipped with modern research equipments (3D body scanners, CAD and modeling systems). The IT SME has a hard expertise in design and maintain the Network Portal. So, the project involves an interdisciplinary team that creates a synergy and adds considerably qualifications of each partners. All partners have interests in achieving the results and expand the new paradigme in design and production of clothing with add value, for obese and elderly people and winning these market niches. The innovative technologies is based on the latest IT solutions, represent a leaps in manufacturing clothing for this target group and the partners will improve their technology and market impact.
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8 056
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Project costs: 
340 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Textiles Technology
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Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)

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