Environmental management system (ems) - a tool to improve the environmental performance of a business enterprise

Ems is a new tool for business enterprises to manage their
overall concept of environmental performance including the
sustainable development/lca, enabling environmental auditing
to be done a/c to the requirements of e.E.C. Regulation.

The aim of this project is to develop an Environment Management System (EMS) and test the concept in practice in selected industrial enterprises. Experience gained from these tests will be used to modify the concept; pilot projects will therefore form an essential part of the development work. EMS is a tool for business enterprises to manage and improve their overall concept of environmental performance taking into account the business charter for Sustainable Development and using e.g. Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). EMS will help the companies' management to systematically ensure that future decisions are based on cleaner technology. EMS will also enable companies to carry out the effective Environmental Audit according to the E.U. regulation which comes into force on January 1st, 1993. The basic philosophy of EMS is similar to that of the ISO 9000/EN 29000 standard series which is also requested in the Environmental Auditing E.U. regulation.
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1 200 000.00€
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