Market assessment, market strategy and technology demonstration of contaminant separations technology

Fluid clarification intends to bring sofi filtration's technology to address separation challenges in the oil and gas, oil sands markets. Separating contaminants from a variety of water streams resulting in reduced disposal, improved water usage, lower operating costs and higher plant productivity.

The purpose of this project is to demonstrate a patent pending Finnish technology on Canadian applications in the Oil and Gas and Oil Sands markets, identify successful applications and refine the design constraints for Canadian applications, leading ultimately to commercialization. Fluid Clarification currently does business with key clients in the target markets, and as part of this project, several industry partners will be sought not only to obtain sample volumes for the Lab Scale evaluations, but also for the Pilot Scale demonstrations. In addition, within the Oil Sands market there is a technical partnership of companies that seeks to identify and evaluate new separation equipment that may be beneficial to the Oil Sands companies. Part of the evaluation process is to run pilot scale equipment in a plant environment. For those clients without a specific mandate, or the infrastructure to evaluate separation technologies, Fluid Clarification’s Scientific and Analytical Support personnel has considerable experience sampling liquid and gas streams both to characterize these fluids, but also for the purposes of technology demonstration through the use of pilot equipment. The Lab and Pilot Scale evaluations will be key components in refining a design basis that will identify limits for deformable, and incompressible solid contaminants, liquids such as hydrocarbon and their impacts on filter permeability, cycle times between cleanings and the effectiveness of cleaning the characterized contaminants from the media with chemicals. Many aspects of the media’s resistance to fouling and the ability to regenerate the media aligns well with Fluid Clarification’s experience in backwash filtration and in characterizing the fouling in other types of filters Fluid Clarification provides to industry. Sofi Filtration has also built a body of knowledge on filter regeneration in the presence of various contaminants and has of course developed limits for solids loading and particle size ranges. Using Sofi Filtration and Fluid Clarification’s experience will provide a good starting point for application selection. The Lab Scale work will be used to confirm whether the technology is well suited to a number of Canadian applications. Then from the knowledge gained at the Lab Scale, the most promising applications will be sought for a Pilot Scale evaluation. In each case, apart from the performance of the Sofi Filtration, the water being filtered will be characterized, using a third party laboratory. Fluid Clarification has been employing a particular laboratory for this sort of analytical work for over two decades. And while the laboratory provides results, Fluid Clarification and Sofi Filtration will be drawing on their considerable experience to link the results to the performance metrics recorded in the Lab and Pilot Scale work. The reports and application experience with Sofi Filtration’s technology taken from this project will be used to position the technology for commercialization in Canadian applications. The targets for market entry will be not only those industry partners on this project, but also many of Fluid Clarification’s existing client base. Further field demonstration will be required on those applications that currently pose challenges to the target markets. Fluid Clarification has extensive experience demonstrating technology on applications that are currently problematic and the same approach would be taken with Sofi Filtration’s technology. Getting the first couple of commercial installations will be key to acceptance in the marketplace and case histories derived from these applications will be important marketing tools. Fluid Clarification has experience presenting not only to potential clients, but also presenting technical papers, such as the paper recently presented at the Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference. Fluid Clarification has also been asked to educate professionals on separations through EPIC and an engineering association. Both courses offer as a component, new technology introductions and can be very useful in educating decision makers about new technologies. As well, Fluid Clarification participates in a number of highly visible trade shows. Part of bringing any technology to market is being able to supply as required. 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8 733
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240 000.00€
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Environment technology
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Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

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