Development of end-to-end industrial process to produce biodiesel&green chemicals from advanced oilseed crops and algae

Greenfield ethanol inc. Will demonstrate its proprietary modified twin screw extruder equipment technology to produce high yield oil for the production of biodiesel,and bio-based chemicals from advanced oilseed developed by its israeli partner danziger 'dan' flower farm and and later on from algae

The Project will combine state-of-the-art technologies under advanced development by established Canadian and Israeli companies. Importantly, these activities will be supported by academia drawn from both countries. The objective is to complete the development of end-to-end commercial-scale industrial processes to produce biodiesel and green chemicals initially from seed crops (Phase 1) and subsequently from algae (Phase 2). PHASE 1 A. The industrial and academic collaborators are: • From Canada: - GreenField Ethanol Inc. (“GreenField”) - Glenn Fox (“Professor Fox”), Professor, University of Guelph (“U of G”), Department of Food, Agriculture and Resources Economics • From Israel: - Danziger ‘Dan’ Flower Farm (“Danziger”) - Asaph Aharoni (“Professor Aharoni”), Professor, Weizmann Institute (“Weizmann”), Department of Plant Sciences B. Their contributions will be: • From Canada: - GreenField is Canada’s leading producer of fuel ethanol and industrial/beverage grade alcohol from grain (corn). Its four plants in eastern Canada produce a combined 650 million liters per year. On the Second Generation Cellulosic Ethanol platform, GreenField has also developed (i) a superior pretreatment process technology which recovers the most C5 and C6 sugars, in their cleanest form, for optimal downstream hydrolysis and fermentation, and (ii) a novel and capex/opex efficient equipment technology - its Modified Twin-Screw Extruder (“Modified TSE”) to execute its pretreatment process. - Relative to the Project, GreenField’s Modified TSE is also a novel and capex/opex efficient solid-liquid separation and dewatering device, which includes the capability to squeeze oils from plant seeds and algae. - Professor Fox will facilitate the preparation of an economic assessment of biodiesel production from oilseed crops • From Israel: - Danziger will apply its experience and know-how in the breeding of seeds, to develop new plant seed varieties (focused on the castor bean), that will be compatible with new oil extraction technologies and the different climatic conditions found Israel and Southwestern Ontario, Canada - Professor Aharoni will facilitate the development of advanced oilseed crops (focused on the Castor bean) PHASE 2 A. The collaborators are: • From Canada: - Same as for Phase 1 • From Israel: - Avihai Danon (“Professor Danon”), Professor, Weizmann, Department of Plant Sciences; and Uri Pick (“Professor Pick”), Professor, Weizmann, Department of Biological Chemistry B. Their contributions will be: • From Canada: - Same as for Phase 1 • From Israel: - Professors Aharoni and Pick will facilitate the development of algae strains with an industrial partner
Extruded Castor Oil
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8 744
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990 000.00€
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Solid biomass
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Other alternative energy (including nuclear energy and uranium mining)

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