Central european logistic portal

Research and development of professional logistic portal as a valid tool for seamless exchange of data and information relevant to logistics and logistic processes in the growing region of central and eastern europe

The ultimate aim of the project is to create CEE logistic information internet-based portal (CELP). The portal will be a source of up-to-date information from logistics in Central European scale and later also in European scale. CLP will be an upper layer built on the top of participating national logistic portals (NLP) and the information relevant for the entire CEE region will be instantly uploaded from the NLP level to the CELP level and vice-versa. Hence, the project anticipates the following organization: 1. Upper layer will provide general insight into the entire CEE region with all types of information exceeding the territory of a single national market. This layer will serve as a general source for those interested in overall situation in the CEE logistic market and as a router to individual national sections of the portal where more detailed information on given market will be displayed. This layer will be all in English. If it is considered beneficial, it might also be offered in other language mutations – primarily in those languages spoken in countries covered by this portal. 2. Lower layer will provide detailed insight into individual national markets; All information here will be displayed in the national language of given market, and at least 2/3 of the content also in English. National markets from Lower level will be handled by national partners on a franchise base. The portal will have its unifying domain which will then have its own national mutations in all respective countries covered herewith. The ultimate aim of the above described project is to develop unique CEE regional professional source of logistics related information and provide easy access to all relevant information in this growing market for all those who might be interested in CEE region – all in English, with logical structure, comparable data, and trustworthy. Portal structure: - Information (news) from logistics - Databases of logistic providers - Databases of suppliers of logistic providers - Legal framework of undertaking in logistics - Cooperating national logistic portals (NLP) will be incorporated in the system through franchise contracts (initially in CZ, SK, HU, SLO, PL; Later in A, Baltic republics, UA, RO; Finally eventually also D, F, IT, ESP, RUS) - Franchise will be supported by editorial system, standardized portal structure, editorial and sales activity of CELP and other NLP's, reserved space on the respective servers and their operation and maintenance. Work on the CELP project: - Development of CELP (the platform, editorial system, data transmission between CELP and NLP's, databases, …) - CEE logistic market research, data collection for information based part of the portal and for database based part (sales, editorial activities, …) - Tune-up of franchise conditions between CELP and individual NLP's - Research for further development of CELP within 2nd and 3rd stages of the project
Project ID: 
8 753
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Project costs: 
1 390 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Software for transport, logisitics and human resources (Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP)
Market Area: 
Mail and Package Shipment

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