Research and development of intelligent oversight centre

The main target and output of the project is a system allowing integration of safety and security systems into a single unit with assistance of hw elements. This system will be prepared for integration with other systems used in building management (e.G. System of intelligent buildings etc.).

Currently, new modern buildings are being erected, which are extremely demanding on management of their operation and security. These are especially production halls, logistic centers, office buildings, supermarkets, healthcare facilities and many others. All these buildings require management of the following functionalities: - Management of seamless and efficient operation (heating, air-conditioning, sun shading, lighting management as well as reliable supply of electric energy. - Safety of people and property (fire protection, work safety, possible leakage of technical liquids and gasses - Security management (anti-theft protection, protection from entry of non-authorized personnel, entry of non-authorized vehicles, management and audit of transported assets) - Management of operations (camera systems) There exists a number of autonomous systems meeting these requirements, which themselves perform very well within their respective specializations, nevertheless they are not interconnected. This fact blocs efficient evaluation and management of emergency situations. Each of these systems covers a certain need for protection against a certain risk and has its advantages and disadvantages. This Project will primarily focus on the following systems: - Electronic security signalization ( EZS) - Electronic fire signalization (EPS) - Closet television circuit (CCTV) The designed Project was developed on the basis of the multiple-year experience of a major subsidy receiver on the market with safety and security systems. The practice revealed a need for a security system combining features and advantages of the individual partial conventional systems described above. The Project of (Inteligent Surveillance – Intellance) aims at integrating all the systems above into a single unit and thus to join all advantages of the partial systems (subsystems) and eliminate their disadvantages. The integration of all subsystems into a single one enhanced with artificial intelligence will allow provision of previously incomprehensible functionalities for security and protection in buildings. The introduction part of the Project deals with a thorough analysis of the subsystems, their functions and proposal of the most suitable models for the initial integration. This section will also collect all requirements from the target users of the resulting product. There is a presumption of necessity to produce some HW elements, especially converters and other active members, whose development will be preceded by analysis of their necessity. The fundamental part of the whole work will be the software equipment, which will work with the collected data, initiating further actions. The primary task of the developed system is not to decrease the number of staff but rather to increase efficiency of the current resources and elimination human errors. All project partners – including the international ones – have practical experience in security and safety systems or in management and operation of logistic centers. The tasks will be spread among the individual participants so that each of them cares for a complete area and will be able to work on it independently.
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8 755
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1 350 000.00€
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Embedded Systems and Real Time Systems
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Other construction and Building Products Related

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